RIP Cpl John Rigby

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adie1182, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Yes very sad to hear, R.I.P John
  2. Rest easy Cpl Rigby.

    This has been an incredibly sad week to be a Rifleman. Deepest condolences to friends, family and colleagues.

    To the lads on the ground: stay sharp, crack on, come home safe.

  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Rye isnt far from me, I didnt know him but wonder if there will be a service, nice to pay respects!
  4. RIP Rifleman.

    Tough tour 4 Rifles, very sad but very very proud of you all.
  5. RIP Mate, another sad loss for the Rifles
  6. RIP Rifleman.
    My thoughts are with family and comrades, particularly you Adie as he was your mate.
    An especially tough time for his twin brother who was there at the end, serving in the same unit. If I could lay my hand on your shoulder lad, I would.
    God bless you.
  7. RIP. My thoughts with family and friends.
  8. RIP Corporal Rigby.

    Dig in there 4 Rifles , you are doing us all proud.
  9. RIP mate, a credit to your family and unit.
  10. I found this very moving and incredibly sad. RIP.

  11. lost but but never forgotten by us
    the true and few who are gratefull
    respect to your family and friends
    who are left behind, RIP Bro
  12. R.I.P
    My thought are with family and loved ones.
  13. RIP

    The good die first.

    Death Quote by William Wordsworth
  14. RIP young man

    You could stand and you could shoot.

    Brave soul.