RIP Cpl Cook

Discussion in 'REME' started by bigjimdangley, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. My old Basic Training fullscrew died earlier this year. Cpl Cook was a good bloke.
    Old school, yet approachable if it was important.
    He wrote my reports on me when I was a recruit and I was only reading them in my P file the other day-which was the last time I thought about him, among other things.
    He was in the obituaries in this months Crafty.
    I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the likes of him.
  2. Been paid yet..??
  3. Yep. Got loads of fivers now. Nearly one for each day!
  4. Errrrm?

    Did you not see the RIP WO2 Cook thread that has been here for a couple of months? (Sat only on page 2 as I type)

    Didn't know him but it was a fantastic obituary. Particularly emotional the fact that he got into his mess dress for a night in the Corps mess just before his passing.

    Arte et Marte
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  5. No, never saw it. Only caught it in this months Crafty. Felt compel d enough to put it on here.
    He was a good bloke, mentor and soldier

    Arte et Marte indeed.
  6. Only just found out and for that i am sorry, But he was the best of the best and my cpl at Pirbright. Thank you for what you taught me Cookie. Arte et Marte hooo yaa
  7. I remember when he sat all us crows in a hollow square one night in front of the telly and let us watch a video. "This film is why I joined the army and became RS, the ONLY member of the training team to be 100% RS from joining up mind!" He then put full metal jacket on and sat watching the opening Paris Island scenes with us with a grin on his face. When it got to the Vietnam bits, he turned it off and creased the **** out of usd us for not doing our kit. Legend!
  8. Cookie was an instructor on my JMC at 17 Sport & Pastime in June 91. It was the only time I ever met him he was a good bloke. RIP