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RIP CO 27 Regt RLC


Book Reviewer
RIP, my friend, Lt Col Neil Lewis RLC, CO 27 Regt RLC.

Died this morning - non-combat/deployment related. Over 21 years service, job done. Rest well old friend.

A fine and honourable man who will be missed by many.

My thoughts to his wife and family.

Slainthe Mhath. Your friend, the Bowmore_Assassin.
Condolences to family and friends :(
I'm pretty sure he was my OC at 3 Tk TPTR Sqn RLC in Sennelager when I left there in 95. Top guy.
Always a sad event particularly at this time of year. Neil Lewis should RIP and at just 42 it acts as a reminder to us all that life can be taken from you at any stage and to make the most of it while you have it to enjoy.

Regards & Condolences to all friends and family
To all his family and friends you have my condolences.

To the memory of the man himself I shall be doing as he wanted and celebrating his life.

Raise your glasses one and all to a dedicated professional ambassador of our young Corps.

I was gutted to hear this sad, sad news. My hearfelt condolences to family and friends. Neil will live on in our memories. I have no more words.

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