RIP Chris Harman

Well i thought we should have a thread for Bugsys mate in the Naafi. So we could all show our respect for the departed, or better still think, good one less socialist cocksucker breathing air.


Book Reviewer
Was he slotted by the British Army?
I've always wondred why people who go on about the working class have never had a proper job :?


Fuck me, Inspection passed. I walk into a thread, and not a single speck of dust.

Carry on.

Sixty said:
Was he slotted by the British Army?
No died by being bummed by a camel, though Bugsys family was used as figure 11s, which is a more happy thought
Stanley1975 said:
Carefull, Bugsy might wade into this thread dissing out umlauts and calling people mucker in several languages :roll:
Ah but then Killaloe will pm me, telling me to man up and apologise as Bugsy has done more for the Army than me, funny when i read that pm i thought one of us is on drugs, and it aint me. :)

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