RIP Chopper

clackers the wrist breaker of many a youth back then, mind you you choppers weren't much better, still they were fun
I wasn't allowed a chopper... not because they were supposed to be dangerous, my parents were too tight. When the kid three doors down took a header and monged himself on the kerb, I moderated my enthusiasm for the things.
My cousin fell off one and looked like she'd been gang-raped by a herd of rhinos. Of consequence I was not allowed a Chopper and was steered well clear of rhinos. I wasn't allowed a Space Hopper or Clackers either - because they too were 'dangerous'. I thus had to content myself with my grandad's old bayonet, an air pistol, matches and a can of turps. I remember Clackers always seemed to be hanging off telephone lines for some odd reason.
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