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The info below is from a 4 Sqn 22 Signal Regiment facebook page and I knew John when he was my SSM there and I was a young Cpl. He was a great SSM and mentor and will greatly missed. I knew he posted a fair bit on here as Chodmeister, RIP John.

It is my sad duty to inform you that John Ian Davis has passed away at 13.45 hrs today 24 January 2020.

John joined the Corps in 1964 as an Apprentice and trained as a Technician

During his time in the Corps John served in:

AAC Harrogate 64-67
249 Signal Squadron Singapore 67-70
1 Div HQ & Sig Regt Verden 70-73
8 Sig Regt Catterick (FofS Course) 73-74
1 Div HQ & Sig Regt Verden 74-77
11 Sig Regt Catterick 77-78
Civvy Street 78-79
28 Sig Regt Krefeld 79-81
259 Sig Sqn Cyprus 81-83
Rheindahlen 84-85
22 Sig Regt 85-88
11 Sig Regt/Darlington (Recruiting) 88--90
Certa Cito

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Shocked to hear this. As fellow Scaley backs we often exchanged PMs.
He was an old school Sergeant Major, with a great sense of humour.
RIP John.
Certa Cito.
Funny Guy RIP
RIP John, your humour, knowledge, stories and organisational skills will be missed by many on here and at future reunions.

Certa Cito

still staggin

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John was my ssm at 22 S R a decent bloke with a sense of humour and fair play.
I shall miss his posts , always relevant and usually funny.


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Sorry to hear that, another good poster gone. RIP.
Another good member and poster gone , Glass raised tonight.


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As said previously, a god poster; amusing and insightful. We old'uns are getting fewer but take comfort in the knowledge that you younger ones will also get old.
R.I.P Chodmeister.

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