RIP BW and Royal Welsh

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by machiavelli, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Sourced from DII

    RIP to the two Men of The Black Watch Battalion, Royal Regt of Scotland and to the soldier of the Royal Welsh.

    Brave men doing their job for a governement and people who in the main don't give a damn.

    Sleep well lads
  2. Stand Easy
  3. At the going down of the sun......... R I P Lads
  4. Any idea how long the BW sorry old habits die hard have been out there, hope to god this is not a bad welcoming party.
  5. RIP Lads another sad sad day in this god forsaken hole.

    They have been out here the same amount of time as the rest of 1 Mech Bde approx 6 six weeks
  6. Cheers Timebandit
  7. One Coy has just returned with 19 Mech. To be replaced by another attached to 1 Mech.

    Not a good start to a tour.
  8. I make that Nine (9) Black Watch Soliders Killed since the conflict began.

    RIP Guys.

    Any names released yet ?
  9. RIP...Rest Easy Heroes...
  10. RiP lads
  11. R.I.P
    Thoughts are with family and loved ones.
  12. Bad news about those lads i know a lot of the blackwatch from their fally days ! they have lost a lot of lads in this worthless war time bush and blair put combats on and sampled for themselves some of the sand the lads are dying in! hopefully brown will face up to and admit the failures and sort it out! whatever the regiment whatever the theatre we are all brothers in arms! R.I.P. :(
  13. RIP lads. Stand fast, and have a glass of port whilst you're up there.
  14. This just angers me. I wish we could all just walk away from any major disaster we have caused....... I hope Gordon has the good grace to offer his sympathies personally to the jocks families. Especially as one of the jocks came from his constituency.
  15. They have been in place 5 Weeks now

    Good Men all RIP