RIP Brig-Gen Dick Lord

For those of a military flying bent -

Brig Gen Dick Lord DFC, born June 20 1936, died October 26 2011 (paraphrased from Telegraph, 6 Nov 2011)
Brigadier General Dick Lord, the Fleet Air Arm pilot who has died aged 75, was instrumental in the development of America’s Top Gun fighter pilot academy, made famous by the film of the same name.

Briefly - Born Johannesburg 1936, went to Parktown Boys High School (my old school, which is wherre I heard of his death). Joined Royal Navy, gained RN Wings 1959. Took part in the Rhodesian bloackade off Beira 1966. RN Air Warfare Instructor 1968, exchange tour with USAF for two years. Returned to Sefrica in 1970, joined SAAF (although not able to speak Afrikaans). Flew Imps, Sabres and Mirages in the Border War, commanded 1 Sqn 1981-1983. Organised the rescue operation of all 5812 pasangers and crew of the Greek liner Oceanos, which sunk off the south African coast on 4 Aug 1991 (for which he was awarded the DFC). Organised the fly-past at Nelson Mandela's inauguration. Retired as Brig-General.

Wrote "Vlamgat", "Fire, Flood and Ice", "From Taolhooker to Mudmover" and "From Fledgling to Eagle", books on military aviation, partially auto-biographical.

*** Edited to add newspaper credential ***

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