RIP Bhutto

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ViolentBadger, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. Wail Wail, how terrible, Wail Wail....still thats their culture innit.

    edited to add: Another corrupt politician bites the dust.
  2. What??? No pants poetry VB?? tut tut
  3. Christ VB, that was quick!

    Can I just say that I'm outraged? etc
  4. I think it's a terrible indictment of how corrupt Pakistan is that they can just stroll in and kill a very prominent politician, once who had been PM twice, whose father was executed by the regime and who was kicked out of the country by a corrupt dictator or alleged corruption charges. Corruption in the middle east? Tell me something new.

    How dare a mere woman seek political office in Pakistan. Next thing they'll be wearing teeshirts and asking to drive cars. And Pakistan is one of our allies? Savages. This war has a lot of mileage left.

  5. what would you expect from a culture who hate women im not shocked
  6. Oi you remove the RIP bit of your post please she was as bad as the rest of the dross in pakistan and anyway this isn't an RIP thread :D
  7. Let this be a telling lesson to all women....

    Stay in the kitchen love its less dangerous.

    Yours (outraged and working on a poem to convey my untold grief)

    A. C-unt.
  8. Fuck off and start your own thread. Whats with this RIP shit.
  9. I'll mark that down as one "NO" vote.

    I believe this is where you lot would say, "I'll get my coat..........."
  10. Benazir, I'll shed a tear for your death at the hands of a bomber

    You cover several grid squares now and its safe to say you're a goner

    I cant express my anger and disgust at the horrible loathsome toad

    Who blew you to bits, and vapourised your Tits and shot your flip flops over the road.

    I'll raise a glass to remember your face, i saw it once on the telly

    But now your toast, and a brand new ghost and your Sari is shredded and smelly.

    Im outraged and mad, and a little bit sad, despite us never meeting

    Still one bandwagons as good as another one, so bring on the wailing and weeping

  11. Ahhh Bhutto's dead. Wonder if the first on scene got a look at her geet hairy mott?
  12. Truly awesome that man - all that remains now is to write it on a piece of cardboard, attach some ancient filling station flowers and tape it all to some railings outside the Pakistani Embassy :D
  13. I would imagine that everbody in the area got a look as it was spread all over the place after being blown up! :twisted:
  14. Not neccesarily. There's an above average chance that her above average hairy mott was indeed left whole and able to accept a curious finger or two.
    Hopefully her gopping face was vapourised though.
  15. Least she can see the new year in with her old man.

    taxi for one, coat, on my way