RIP - Barry Tolfrey

Discussion in 'REME' started by storesr4storing, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. A sad day today finding out that Barry Tolfrey ex SSgt REME storeman, ex corps footballer, Storeman training instructor has passed away after a lengthy illness. He was a genuinely good egg, fantastic sense of humour and all-round fun guy. He will be sadly missed and sincere thoughts are with his family. :cry:
  2. I played football with Barry at 4 Armd, absolutely cracking bloke. Magic on the beer after a game. He will be a great lose to the Corps

    RIP mate

  3. Sad news - RIP
  4. He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family.

  5. Ace guy, sad loss.
  6. Absolutely Top Bloke. Used to get him talking about his beloved Crystal Palace on my Class 3 + 1 so we could have a skive or early knock off.
    he will be Sadly missed

  7. Served with him at 4 Armd Wksp Detmold 81-84, lynchpin of the football team and the most popular SNCO by a country mile.

  8. The funeral service for Barry and celebration of his life will be on Wed 27 Feb if you would like to attend please pm me for timings/location etc
  9. [align=justify]Thanks to everyone who has been so kind with their words about my Dad. I know he loved his time in the REME and at SEME not least because of the football and beers! You words are a great help at this sad time - thank you![/align]
  10. I was lucky enough to have served with Barry when I was a JNCO, I maintained contact with him when he retired and continued Trade Training at Bordon, he was a great bloke.

    I also recall his Rottweiler Dobie, that was one impressive dog!

    My condolences to his family.

    RIP Barry, you'll be missed.
  11. RIP Barry, you will be sadly missed by a lot of people
  12. I have been asked to post on behalf of my IT illiterate parents, Alec and Alma.

    Words are never enough, Barry was one of the best. They send their love to his family and will be with you on wednesday.

    and from me...

    He is now on that great big football pitch in the sky - probably giving the ref earache and drinking the bar dry. Cheers Barry!!

    and to the poster who mentioned his rotwieler (s) - I remember a certain boxer called Biff!!! :D

    Love to all of you Carol, Neil & Keith
    a big virtual hug from
  13. A great guy who will be sadly missed. A fantastic instructor who taught many a REME (Tech) Stmn the tricks of the trade!!
  14. I was really sorry to hear about Barry, he was a real character and there are many of us Tech Stmn who owe a great deal to him. I could never quite manage the art art of rolling a fag with one hand operating the OHP with the other and telling an amusing football story at the same time, but everything thing else I learned from Barry has stood me in good stead.
    Sadly Missed, fondly remembered.
  15. I served with Bas 74-76 then again at SEME. A true gentleman