RIP 360..


The heat from the system has melted the glue holding a magnet in place in the DVD and has also fucked my DVD motor. Fantastic!

Cant send back as I bought it off a mate about 1 & 1/2 years ago now, though i can buy another DVD rom on ebay but apparently i need to get the right one as they are coded to the chipset... HASSLE!

Still my fav system though, typical microsoft.. nothing ever works.
i will never understand you console lot, they allways seem to be breaking apart or melting into plastic puddles, and every few years you have to run out and buy the next latest thing............

consoles are for the kids, get a decent viddy card for your PC.
Exactly the same as the PC though you eventually need to upgrade it to compete with the latest software. Plus ya always get some kind of problems along the line.

Xbox is a bloody good console (More so with Xboxlive & Cod4) though microsoft fcuked it up badly, so many consoles going wrong etc.

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