Riots in Riga (Latvia), in Bulgaria and Lithuania

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Just have watched Russian TV. there are crowds of in Riga. Some of them extremely violent. Rioters were shown vandalising police car, shops, storming the parliament. Who could expect it?

  2. Are you sure that they wern't just getting together in order to form a choir? Oh, Sergey? Happy Old New Year!
  3. Russian Army to move in to protect ethnic Russians? ;)
  4. Except that the majority of the ethinc Russians in Latvia tend to be in the South-Eastern corner in Latgale province and not in Riga...
  5. I'always thought that Romania was as corrupt as Bulgaria - perhaps they're quite happy and don't ffel the need to riot?
  6. I stand corrected. Have to wait for the rioting to spread down the South Eastern part of the country before sending in the Spetznaz.
  7. Thanks Speedkuff. I have seen something that is too far from peacefull demonstration. As transporants were in Latvian then I suppose that many ethnical Latvians participated in the demonstrations and maybe in the riots.

    Riga is mainly mopulated by the Russians and Russian speakers. But economical crisis have united the poor, those who are jobless and so on.


    It looks a 'the singers' were too excited.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I don't suppose that a whole bunch of EU diktats is helping the situation either - what with the Latvian government aving to pass EU directives into law as if they were their own.

    Yet another EU member state that is unable to devalue its own currency to raise demand.
  9. "Riga is mainly mopulated by the Russians and Russian speakers."

    I believe the LZE have some quite harsh things to say about that... LOL
  10. I have made a funny typo Speedkuff. However, 'mopulated' could be regarded as a new word: something between 'populated' and 'mobulated'.

    They expected that the membership in the EU would bring a paradise... It brought more parasites instead - local ones + EU ones.
  12. God knows why they thought that, we could've warned 'em about the EU...
  13. Tell that to the other dreamers-scroungers: some Ukrainians think NATO membership will automatically bring EU membership, and EU membership would mean no more financial struggle, great roads, clean streets, Hollywood style homes, lots of money and no hard work. :roll:
  14. Sheeeet, good roads, can't even get them in this country!!
  15. That might be so, but they would still rather have that they have your tanks parked on them.