Riots in NI: Business as usual or?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mountain-Monkey, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. As a bloody foreigner, I must say I'm somewhat confused. In the last 12 hours, Norwegian State TV and two national newspapers have all reported "the worst riots in ten years in Belfast", complete with molotovs, RU..(sorry) PSNI "special" Rovers blocking streets etc. One journalist reportedly shot in the foot, and PSNI alledgedly, unsually, asking the press to stay out of the areas, Newtonards and Short Strand mainly.

    Of course not much further explanation or background was given, so I went on here to gain the previously mentioned, but as far as I can see, nothing has been written here on Arrse.

    So, just the ordinary marching season stuff, the results of an Absolut Vodka free shots advertisement getting out of hand, or??

    Nye sammenstøt i Belfast - - Verden -
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. Its just some disturbances by a few of the "British protestants", as the Washington Post describes them (see posts in Northern Ireland forum) who are having difficulty accepting rule by terrorists and ex-terrorists.

    Martin and his friends are confident these stubborn heretics will soon be brought to heel. Just keep the money rolling in folks - our "special advisers" can't work for nothing you know.

    ( Not that they ever did much for the common good in the past).
  3. Seems the UVF have got in on the act in retaliation to smaller scale incidents in the area.

    Always a tense time of year easy pickings for people who want to stir things up.
    never thought id see the day when Sinn Fein would approve of the use of Baton rounds.
  4. Oh fer fux sakes, they go down to the short strand and attack the peelers. Its the taigs they they should be getting. Bring back the spashuls. The porwers that be should be shooting both lots off the streets and let the ra show there face, then they can shoot them as well and we can all go home.
  5. ****ing let them destroy themselves I say, the average age of the rioter was but a mere spunk in his fathers nutsack during the troubles.
    When will they realise that no matter how many teddies they throw out of their prams, no one gives a shit about NI anymore, we switch the money off to the south and ward of international companies from setting up in the North and in six months they will be two rungs down the ladder from the Congo in terms of development.

    A beautiful place, lots of new businesses and property AND people want to go there, what more do you want?
  6. Teenagers today eh? When I was in my teens I was sitting outside the shops looking hard as fecking nails, not rioting.
  7. Didn't you have a bus shelter? Crow.
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  8. It is getting really dangerous in the Strand/Mountpot/Newton. Rd
    area, the evil Buggers have started throwing Fireworks, bet the
    Local PSNI are crapping themselves, are new Green/Yellow Cards
    in the offing?
  9. What are we talking here... sparklers? When they start chucking catherine wheels, it's time to pull out.
  10. Hey, no AK, is it Dole Collection Day?
  11. I am at work at the mo, tell your mom ill meet her at 7 on swan st I found her a great spot to stand if you know what I mean
  12. Oh, for feck's sake.

    *slits wrists*
  13. Yeah, ZO, they really ruin the Macralon, imagine being on the receiving
    end of a well aimed 'Mt Vesuvius'.
    We wouldn't have stood a chance....."RUN AWAY, IT'S THE NAUGHTY
  14. Good lad, do you work in The Bank of Baroda, the Pet Shop or the Costume Hire shop?
  15. Hold on, I'm clearly underestimating the dangers: BBC News | UK | Warning over firework dangers