Riots in London 26 March

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - TUC condemns post-rally violence in central London

    If such protest continue then the Libyan scenario can not be excluded. The "opposition" could capture some towns and villages and call for a No Fly Zone over the UK.
  2. Very droll I'm sure.
  3. Sergey,

    What's the coverage of this where you are?
    I have noticed the heavily biased, and opposed to cuts BBC continually emphasises the "small minority" of trouble makers. Their coverage when reviewing newspapers this morning also pointed out pictures of protesters smashing a window without any police in shot. The presenter immediately referred to the lack of police based on that one picture. In another picture, a protester who was totally covered and disguised was described as a youth and emphasised as being a youth - in a way to in no way blame union protesters.

    If ever we needed a surgical airstrike it was last night.

    I think the BBC have crossed the line big time with their bias against the coalition Govt and their opposition to the cuts.
  4. Among the main international news on Russian TV channelas are Libya, Japan, riots in Syria, Israel/Palestine. Relatively short video about the riots in London was not highlighted as something outstanding.

    However, even the recent students' protests were relatively innocent. If such riots would continue ona regular basis then it would have a serious impact on the British political life.

    TUC protest march: anarchists on the rampage in London - Telegraph

    Who are the rioters? 200 were datained.

    So according to the Telegraph they are 'anti-capitalist masked thugs'. I fear it is an oversimplification.
  5. Nope, if anything an under simplification as they are anarchists who rarely wash, sponging off the society they despise and are the 'usual suspects' in such incidents.

    I'd give a load more wedge to a deserving charity if less than 50% of those arrested had not got previous for this sort of action, hanging off trees when motorways are being built and other things such as Huntingdon life science, coal station in Kent etc.
  6. the 'masked thugs' might be just camera shy? lol
  7. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Well let me say: Thank God we live in a democracy, where such things are possible without machine guns, air strikes, et al.

    A 'duh' comment, I know, but for the benefit of all the (righteously) indignant tax payers on forum who have never travelled beyond civilized borders...well, I think it is a point that is worth making.

    There are many, many darker and more evil places in this world than the UK. Let us, please, not have fantasies about emulating the policies of such states, however wayward our youth may be.

    I suspect Fortnum & Masons will recover.
  8. But like Sergey says if it becomes a regular theme it will drive poeple towards the wrong end of the political spectrum as they will start to believ that only more extreme methods will be succesful. They will probably get away with a slap on the wrist and try to hijack more protests. They ( the anarchists) complain about police bruitality but they have very little concept of it, and soon people will be fed up of the police being so hamstrung
  9. Perhaps Fortnum's will recover, but I'm not sure I will: the invasion of this elegant temple of good taste by screaming hordes of stinking, illiterate Commies is analogous to being buggered by a dozen large, black, francophone members of Al Qaeda. One could hardly envisage anything worse, and perhaps it really is time to call in a few fast jets while we still have any left.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Check out this innocent bystander Sergei......ah, the retro Soviet-era rubber wear look makes its return to London Fashion Week...Mummy will be so proud...


    Whereas this ,obviously impoverished worker, ground down by the proto-fascistic minions of global Capitalism, can only afford an IRA style ski mask to ward off the manifest perils of London's night air....
  11. Sergey, I was actually in London yesterday (for purposes not linked to the demonstration) and as I was crossing the Strand I was behind about eight young people, all of who had put on cycle masks or balaclavas and had their heads covered, and were carrying black and red Anarchist banners. I somehow don't think they were covering up their faces to avoid tanning in the fine Spring sunshine, nor were their banners props for an amateur performance of Orwell's "A Homage to Catalonia".

    From what I saw there were definitely a few demonstrators present in London yesterday with devilment on their minds, although they were a tiny minority of those who turned up to march.
  12. Whereas this ,obviously impoverished worker, ground down by the proto-fascistic minions of global Capitalism, can only afford an IRA style ski mask to ward off the manifest perils of London's night air....

    Clealry his Edukashion has failed him as he appears to be wearing it inside out , unless that is the lastest fashion. Ill wear my boxers over my trousers when I pop to the shops later and find out
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    :) you're just a stone style icon you.......
  14. The usual Rent-a-Mob out for a rumbly with PC Plod and his pals. Rent-a-Mob Fekwits out to see what they can steal or thieve from looted shops as per usual. Anarchist Muppets having been bussed in for the day with promises of free booze, drugs and anything you can unhinge that is not bolted down.

    These protests always brings out the Lefty Tree Huggers and Bed Wetting Socialists out from the wood-worK. Why else do they get out of bed early, for a free day in London rioting and causing damage, so that they can blame on Maggie Thatcher. They will all be back at the Social and Bru on Monday demanding more Social Security Payments because their 'Oomin Rites' have been damaged because they had to get out of bed (Bone Idle), and riot on a Saturday for feks sake.....