Riots in Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Appalled to see scum ripping up Edinburgh City Centre yesterday. More to come around Gleneagles methinks.

    Pleased to see summary justice being handed out by JockPlod with special guest plod from England and Wales. Given the international nature of the scum, I think the CRS and Guarda Civil should have been invited too.
  2. Summary justice should consist of a "Bernoulli" style "Forest Recycling Facility" and a 9mm lead injection.How f*cking dare they come here and take the p*ss
  3. It's ya Anykists init. Now if 'd a Tory government it would ave been ya rent a mob, who labour keep locked away, immagine the field day the'd have had with ID cards.
  4. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Deploy hickory, and the plastic........... BATON GUNNER!!
  5. I thought it was hilarious the girl interviewed on the news complaiing the police penned them into a street where they couldn't buy food for two hours! irony.............................
  6. Lothian & Borders Police actually handed out bottled water to the cnuts.I would have deprived them of the opportunity to consume oxygen.
  7. Apparently someone spoke to a gaggle of 4 coppers to pass on compliments about their calm and resolute behaviour in the face of aggro and mayhem.

    3 of the coppers stared blankly and the 4th one said "they're from the Met and I'm their Scottish interpreter".
  8. On my local radio there was a good one
    Female presenter: "So you got these protesters,protesting about capitalism going to protest,they make some t shirts saying "Stop capitalism" and sell them for a profit,that is capitalism isnt it?"

    Fair point love,lets face it if they were football fans just gathering let alone attacking the police they would of been dragged over hot coals and lashed with a cat-o-nine tails by now,its one rule for the right wing football fans and another for the leftist unwashed,its just not fair!
  9. Too bloody right. box the ba-stards in a dead end street and let rip with a belt of 200. any one left standing THEN gets a thorough tw atting with the big stick.
  10. Well, currently residing in edinburgh and having my day ruined by diverted bus routes, no access to anyway I can say from an eyewitness perspective that the police are kicking serious soap dodger ass. Its a beauty to watch. A few idiots were trying to close the gates into princes street gardens and recieve their fair share of batons to the head and hands. I may even go down to watch today. Hopefully the CS will come out soon. .50cal is a bit much to hope for however, can't believe we were left out of the party.
  11. [quote="theparamancan", can't believe we were left out of the party.[/quote]

    1. Get yourself down to a fancy dress hire shop.

    2. Hire Police "type"uniform

    3. Start beating tree hugging lesbians up.

    soblem prolved
  12. A fair number of Edinburgh residents seem to be scared of what might happen or how their lives have been totally disrupted by what is going on. I have advised them that somewhere just a few miles away across the sea managed to carry on through even worse disruption. Flying shreds of flesh far worse than flowers from Princes St flowerbeds.
  13. Send the RIR in. Public Order experts........
  14. Heh....this callsign would certainly be up for a bit of protester baiting...given my work affiliation and all......

    .50 cal? How about 105mm?