Riots: Cameron under attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Switf and effective

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  2. Not ideal but adequate

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  3. Not bad but with many mistakes

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  4. The reaction was weak and much delayed

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  5. Mr.Cameron failed completely and must retire

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  1. Riots: Cameron under attack - Crime, UK - The Independent

    How would you estimate mr.Cameron's reaction to the riots?
  2. Like any current politician, rhetoric without the promise of deeds.

    I daresay when we've swept up the glass some people might find him interesting and relevant again.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    DC waited until the riots were over and then ponced around pretending to be tough. In my view the riots spread, first across London and then across the country because there was visible evidence on TV that rioters and, more particularly looters get clean away with it. that was because of the 'stand back' policy of the Metropolitsan Police which MUST have come from the top. If the Home Secretary had a smidgin of a sense of honour she would have resigned on Sunday morning and the boss of the Met likewise.

    As it is the best DC can do is to say that water cannon are available at 24 hrs notice. Nice of the next lot of rioters to wait.
  4. Why start another thread ?
  5. I would like to have seen the result if anyone had tried this on in Moscow!
    David "wishy washy" Cameron is just the latest in a long line of leaders without the guts to act without consulting teams of people that he can later blame if the press don't look upon his decisions favourably.
  6. A great deal of truth and actuality in 'duck's' post above.

    However, Messrs Blair and Brown would have .....................
  7. Cameron is still defending the police cuts and said yesterday that the Police were able to deal with the riots and will continue to do so. What Cameron is missing, is that the these riots were only consisting of several hundred people at a time, a relatively small number. If riots were on a larger scale and in multiple locations at any one time, how long could the police alone cope for? say a maximum of 48 hrs, and that would be using almost all operational officers. On Tuesday night, 16000 police were on duty in London. Many came from other Forces, but how long can they keep that up for? Not long me thinks.
    Cameron knows that if the army was to get involved with public disorder on the UK streets, then his time as PM will be finished, as he will be seem to be incompetant, as he has already show.
  8. Also during the big clean up in Hackney and Clapham, did anyone else notice that all of these people (at least from what I saw) were all white people? Seems our ethnic minority friends didnt think it was their job to pick up a broom.
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    It's ridiculous for DC to say the police would deal with the riots - the problem is that, quite blatatantly, they didn't. People defer to a central authority and pay taxes in order to be defended against external enemies and to enjoy civil peace at home. Everything else is extra. DC has shamelessly defaulted on the first objective and is now proved to have defaulted on the second.
  10. Ten mother****ing letters

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  11. There are at least two reasons.

    1. The poll.

    2. IMHO such a complex and important issue deserves several threads. One for general discussion and others for narrow aspects of the problem. It is like a big hall and several rooms. They complement each other.
  12. Can't see a poll on my phone and I can't see the reason for several threads about the same thing.
  13. Let's consider a scientific conference, mathematical one for example. There are common gatherings to discuss common issues, the most distingushed recent result and so on. And there are special meetings defoted to Mathematical Analysis, Logis, Topology, Theory of Numbers, Differential Geometry, Probability theory.

    I would like to draw another parallel. any Parliament has commissions (Defence, Health care, Budget, Foreign relations and so on).

    If an important issue is to be discussed then it would be helpfull to outline the most important questions and discuss them separately. In this case it is much easier to follow discussion, to comment answers to your posts and so on.

    Just imagine that all ARRSE sections and thread are united in one super-thread. In this case it would be an end of the discussion.
  14. well stop contributing to it you chod!

    No matter who has been in no 10 for the last 20 years as long as you shat in your own back yard they were happy. Yobs are now affecting profit so its tim to react. They now nothing is effective now. See the kids laughing at the police. I was always afraid of a swift blow from the coppers to be cheeky.
  15. It's utter cobblers to claim front line police numbers are to remain the same, when Govt and police authorities refuse to cut the red tape the police forces are suffocated by.

    From the BBC live feed:

    "I work as a member of police staff. Due to the current staff cuts, thousands of police staff are losing their jobs which are being filled by police officers who are in turn being taken off the streets. Mr Cameron needs to wake up because things could get worse as more police officers are taken off the streets."

    Add to that the massive reductions in the judicial service, prison officers, fire service, and you have the usual cost-cutters' recipe for disater.
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