Rioting in East Belfast as Shinners get their way again...

One more concession to Gerry & Martin! :evil: Once again does SF fail to take ownership for their thugs & instead passes the buck to the PSNI & Protestant community.

Police fired baton rounds in Belfast on Monday night.

They were used when two rival crowds started trouble on the Albertbridge and Castlereagh roads in the east of the city.

Up to 200 people gathered in the area. Missiles were thrown at police and passing motorists, but there were no arrests.

The trouble began after a rally was held by Sinn Fein to mark the closure of Mountpottinger Police Station.

DUP councillor Robin Newton said he wanted to know who was behind the organisation of the event.

"I would like to know if this was an event with the blessing of Sinn Fein, or whether this was something organised by one or two individuals," said Mr Newton

"Because if it was a Sinn Fein organised event, then I think it was something that was reckless on their part. It obviously developed into a riot that they were unable to control."

East Belfast Sinn Fein representative Niall O Donnghaile said the use of plastic bullets was "completely unjustified" and that the event and the trouble afterwards were not connected.

"Interface trouble has been ongoing in this area over the past number of weeks and has been flagged up by community workers and statutory bodies from both sides of the community," he said.

"The PSNI would have been made well aware of this these problems and, in my opinion, have failed to deal with the situation adequately."
Ah yes, the good old IRA that has now put 'terrorism' behind it, but, if we are to believe INTERPOL and the Gardai, (and I do), will, within 10 years have displaced the Mafia as the most powerful organized crime cartel in Europe and will dominate the Cocaine and Heroin trade by using the paramilitary organization it developed during the troubles to out outgun and outthink the amatuer criminal opposition and Police forces.

Ireland is well on it's way to becoming the new, bigger, better and more tooled up Sicily.
Theres no trouble in Northern Ireland, Tony and Gorden said so.
tropper66 said:
Theres no trouble in Northern Ireland, Tony and Gorden said so.

Oddly enough, the IRA keep their own 'home' turf reasonably tame, you don't shit on your own doorstep and all that. The battles however are being fought on the streets of Limerick, (main point of entry), and Dublin, (main point of distribution, onward shipping). A bomb every couple of days and shootings are now a daily occurance.

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