Rioting in Creggan, Londonderry.

They've been blattering the peelers with petrol bombs for the last hour after house searches.
Saying on twitter she possibly has a head injury. Hopefully she hasn't been shot and it's a brick at the worst.


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Derry, what’s the anniversary or have the police been doing baddies houses?


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The name Piggery Ridge could be applied to the whole area. Nothing has changed it seems.


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Easter risable
Bit early. I still like the way they have to stagger the republican commems at Milltown to prevent any falling out.

Also is there a new ‘garden of remembrance’ on the Falls Rd. (when I say new I mean sometime after the introduction of colour television) I just noticed it on the way up to the Royal last week)
Blimey what happened, has Derry Girls not been renewed?

Hopefully it's not true.
Send the Paras in.
From BBC N.I.

"It is understood police were attacked after carrying out searches in the Creggan area of Londonderry. Footage courtesy of Leona O'Neill"

Video and text:
As link just displays video here is a screenshot of the text:


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That's why we like you. You get sarcasm.
On a serious note...
Is the general impression that our wonderful leader of the House stirring the pot in Norn Iron?

Followed by why did you let her in , and how long can you keep her?

This might be worthy of a go fund me much bribe money would it take to keep her...

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