Riot (not) Aldershot Summer of 1981?


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Reading the thread about 'Squaddy bashing reminded me of an incident that allegedly happened in Aldershot on 10 July 1981.

That was the year that a number of rent a riots were travelling around the country and scheduled a riot in Aldershot on a Saturday morning. The rent a mob turned up at Aldershot railway station and proceeded to march into the town. Unfortunately for free speech the riot was confronted by the drinkers at the Station Hotel who proceeded to give them a lesson in how to do riot properly. Plod stood back until it was necessary to intervene to save the poor rioters.

I stayed in Aldershot at the time although I was away for a couple of weeks and missed the event. I heard about it from a number of people, including the landlord of the Station Hotelalthough the story differed in every telling.

Was anybody there at the time - maybe having a drink at the station hotel.
For a better class of riot in the Shot there was always Airborne Forces Day, you couldn't move for maroon t shirts, desert wellies and birds in Ron Hills with that oh so attractive camel toe/beetles bonnet thong going on :D

Fire up the quattro and bring back the 80s!

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