Riot Control

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by millwall ken, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone answer the legal-begal stuff, as to why water cannon and baton rounds cannot be used on the mainland? When they can be authorized for use at local level over the water.
  2. They probably can be used if things escalate ( might happen soon ! ) it would probably have to be signed off at a very high level though, not a legal beagle , but there must be some contingency plan already drafted and ready to be signed.
  3. They've been deployed but not used at least once in a riot situation on the mainland. Its part of the escalation of force with the ultimate level being the use of lethal force.
  4. Shoot the *******, water cannon or tear gas or baton rounds, they attacked the Prince of Wales and his horse, line the streets of london with their crucified remains.
  5. Lots of armed response units carry batton guns. Also found this article talking about the met using them

    Though this is normally firearms incidents rather than riot situations. Though the article does state "The plastic baton guns have been authorised by the Home Office as a "less lethal" option as conventional arms."
  6. I really have to agree with that. If I was still working at the MOD and saw some of the great unwashed greasy little oiks stopping me trying to get my bus, I would be very very angry, to say the least.

    Instead of a pony for Christmas, shall I ask Santa for a water cannon? One - it would wash some of the smell off them, and two - the little ******* would freeze overnight once I had put railings up in Parliament Square all night and kept them there. With no food or toilets. They could have water any time they wanted though. At about 50 miles an hour from a sewer.
  7. Why do you want to fanny about with baton rounds and water cannon? As any fule know, the best tool for riot control is a flame thrower.
  8. I am proud to have agreed regarding xmas baubles filled with paint.

    Note for protesters

    1:- Wear shin pads, the police wear steel toe capped boots and will kick shins for fun.

    Sorry, I have been advised to remove other details.
  9. The METS seem to have fleets of German vans.They could get proper water cannon(variable velocity,colour mixed water,tear gas in water etc) very easily.
  10. the met have in the past had water cannon from what I was told it they were left to rot in a quite corner of hendon never deployed in anger
  11. Lack of funding means no cannons
  12. I've got to agree.
    Legitimate, lawful protest is fine, but threatening HRH PoW (who is universally acknowledged as a thoroughly bon oeuf) and the Duchess, is way.......way beyond the pale.
    Crucifiction's too good for them.
  13. Jesus tonight, we agree on something.
  14. Aren't you forgetting chilli flavoured condoms and pineapple on pizza?
  15. Pineapple on pizza is inherently wrong. Do not mix meat with fruit. Dirty dirty bastard.