Typical that once again another one of those Southern bastards brings shame to our true national game and then complains against his sentence. At last justice, just unfortunate there appears little justice in the services judicial system how many poor sods do we have banged up due to AWOL, petty crime etc etc and this scum bag who clearly is a drug users gets so much sympathy. Anyone know of somebody banged up for petty crime this Xmas ? we should start a fukcing petition to get them released. Failing that we should shame the bastards who put them in there, I understand CO 30 Sig Regt had a hard man reputation. Shame we never hear of any officers being banged up, justice you make me laugh. :(
Why are people surprised when one of these overpaid trainer trash thugs is true to type. Most of them have little intelligence and less taste. The big clubs are just businesses, and are particularly successful at exploiting saddos who want to wrap themselves in tacky nylon clothing. Their indignation at this twat's drug test sentence is because they have bought and paid for him; he's just an asset which will now cost them, and their share price might suffer.

Who cares anyway? It's hardly as if football is actually important in the big scheme of things.
Fcuking right Viro, I totally agree. Who the fcuk cares about some knob who kicks a bag of air around a field ?!?! The only reason the management is kicking up a stink is because he's of no use and value stuck on the terraces. Should have bankrupt the dick, and sent him back to streets from which he came as a warning to all prima donna football "stars".
If the club and said overpaid halfwit knew the meaning of the words "humility" and "contrition" they may have had the sense to admit guilt, apologise unreservedly and hope for leniency. Instead they seem to have the let "not guilty by virtue of being famous" mentality go to their heads and got the disciplinary boards backs up.
laughing like drain at amount paid for dodging test which he took 44hours later which probably wasent long enough to clear system of any traces
and it was negative any way :D .

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