Rio gets the Olympics

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Democritus, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Good choice? I just hope London isn't eventually seen as the flop between two stars.
  2. Good for Rio
    Can't we foist 2012 on them too and save oursleves a few billion?
  3. Good for Rio. South America has not been host of an Olympic games in the modern era and they are due.

    The rejection of Chicago by the IOC delights me, as I believe it does a majority of my fellow Americans, if only because it is a slap-down of the preening, effete, pompous, arrogant, empty suit of a "President" we have, whose "pitch" to the IOC was merely a narcissistic expression of his personal desire to see the Olympics take place in Chicago - so that the Olympic Village would be within walking distance of his home in Chicago. How utterly revolting! This boob of a "President" isn't qualified to be dog-catcher in any town in America, and was elected by the forty percent of the country that are hard-core Leftists, and another 13% who feel guilty because they're white. Good on you IOC!
  4. Why would anyone want to have the Olympics in their city/country with the amount of money it costs to stage for 3 weeks
  5. So I take it you do not like your Commander in Cheif then? :?:
  6. Agreed. This will do absolutely nothing for the millions of Brazilians living in poverty in the shanty towns.
    However, on the plus side, the Beach volleyball will be awesome! :)
  7. I wonder if they'll be having a clear out before the Olympics.

    Police Control
  8. Hmm, summer in Chicago . I think someone on the IOC has been to Chicago in the summer and spread the bad news!
  9. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Me thinks the commitee remembered the hyper-comercialiasation that marred the Atlanta Games hence decided to throw them out as soon as, moreover it would have been the third Summer Olympics that the US had hosted in 30 odd years. Time for somebody else's chance.

  10. Mind you, the cops can barely get the gangs out. So would like to see what they'll do next. Send the army in maybe?
  11. Tell BOPE to stop being so fcuking soft on criminals; only 200 or so confirmed kills per year - get your(trigger)fingers out! :twisted:
  12. I sure as hell dont, I think he will wind up as worse than Jimmy Carter and realistically this would have cost a fortune that Chicago didnt have.
  13. Hell the same could be said for Chicago.......
  14. Jail to the Thief.


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