Anybody know of a place, either on internet or not, that do rings with regt cap badge on?

Its my old mans birthday and wanted to get him one.


Oh my God! I've died and gone to hell...still to be fair that would not be against the run of play!
The Armed Forces Operations Ring (OR) - Our latest military ring designed especially for those who have served in Her Majesty's armed forces during several recent operations and/or under the flag of the UN (United Nations) in other theatres.Click here to view the Operations Ring options.

Who in the fuck of Billy Smarts Circus would buy or wear such a thing??

Chad Valley of the highest order.
Have you thought about approaching Baldricks Bullet, one of the site sponsors?

He seems more than able to engrave just about anything onto anything.

Just a thought....
Thanks for the thought.

We don't have the capability to do rings yet (engraving wise). Shame this isn't the NAAFI bar as you'd get a completely different answer!

That said... if you are absolutely loaded... I can get one cast. But you'd have to have more cash than sense...

Here's something I had cast in silver and got just yesterday (if you're wondering... it's Thors hammer... very Danish)


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