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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hogg, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. The below is from a Met coppers blog.
    Ever been there?

    I thought, like Jerry Springer, I’d try something controversial.

    So, lets talk about Soldiers. I love dealing with soldiers at work, for a number of reasons. None of them are reasons that perhaps will ever be taught in Hendon, but hey ho.

    I’d also like to say that it is definitely a minority of soldiers that we come into contact with. When we do, most of them are drunken, very young and homesick lads with too much booze in them who just react with their fists. If this is against locals, then we come down on them, hard. If it’s SOS (Squaddie On Squaddie) we’re there just to nick anyone still standing afterwards.

    Now, dealing with squaddies is an art into itself. It’s not all plain sailing, you have to remember that you are in effect dealing with a group of well trained, fit, tough, battle hardened and capable men. Who have been drinking and feel no pain. Oh, and like coppers, when they say to each other “I’d take a bullet for you,” they actually mean it.

    But if you keep this in mind, and turn up mob handed, and employ some simple tactics, as a copper you should be ok. One of the tactics is to let them fight it out first, so they’re nicely tired out. Wait until you’ve got numerical superiority. And with fighting, drunk squaddies, don’t try and talk to them. They’ve already made the decision to fight, and so the only way you’re going to be cuffing them is with force.

    Oh, and before you draw your CS spray, try and remember that they are probably more likely to be able to cope with CS than any street copper is.

    But there are many advantages. Firstly, my paperwork will be minimal. Once I’ve got the soldier safely tucked away within the confines of the local cells, I pick up the phone and call the Royal Military Police. If they can deal, then that’s the end of our involvement. Oh, and PACE doesn’t apply to them the same as it does to us.

    Another thing, is that unlike the usual scrote that I drag in, the soldiers actually fear the consequences of their actions once they’ve sobered up. The justice administered by the RMP and the Company Sergeant Major afterwards is more immediate, harder and probably more effective and long lasting than anything that the civil courts hand out.

    And if they’ve been brought in for Assault Police, or Resist Arrest (common), then the chances are you will get an apology if you show sufficient respect to the RMP lads who turn up. There’s something a lot more satisfying than seeing a baseball capped youth sneering in court at you – and that is seeing a contrite and hungover soldier being marched double time to you by two RMPs, brought to a halt, stood to attention, and made to apologise for his behaviour.

    But the thing that I genuinely like, is that soldiers are in some respects like old school villains. Once they’ve sobered up, they’ll call the Custody Sergeants “Sarn’t,” they’ll ruefully smile and be quite happy that they got clobbered by a couple of PCs whilst being dragged in; they were fighting, and got fought with. Most expect nothing less.

    This is something I would love to see from drunken members of public – the acceptance that if they offer violence to police and public, they will receive it in response.
  2. you are a tool.
    and would love to fight you and then see who wins.
  3. Pretty good read but this.....

    Laugh, I nearly shat

    I expect some incoming for that.
  4. I liked it. Loved the bit about CS.

    T C
  5. Had a good laugh but rereading it it is quite a big compliment to all the military personel.
  6. There we are corrected to how it really is. :lol:
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Excuse the ignorance, but what is PACE?
  8. PACE police and criminal evidence act I believe , the rules the police have to work under , you can't hit kick or whatever the accused and if he is muslim or black he is automatically a victim
  9. Hogg, the geezer that wrote this must be on the TSG writing from home and equipped with a spell-check, just a shame that their arrest notes are never ever so well spelt, grammatically correct or even contain any hint of such a thing called evidence.
    Arresting soldiers in London? You mean there are some?
    Getting the Old Bill to arrest ANYONE within the MPD is a challenge in itself, in fact it could be the subject of a Japanese game show.
    Fly six contestants over to Central London, let them go completely bolo and see how many arrests there are in one night. Out of six I bet there would be one stop-slip completed, two would be directed to the recruiting centre and the other three would be either signed up as numpty PCSOs or doing their Japanese version of "I'm a fcukwit, put me in a police uniform in Central London."
    Woodentop muppets the lot of them. Seen an angry man lately?
    Thought not.
  10. At first I thought he was a bit of a throbber but after re-reading it he made me laugh. I've just been reading through his other blogs and he is a genuinely funny bloke. On a post about his area's 'bomb car' he states:

    Our sites have to remain secret of course, but there are obvious targets and not so obvious ones. I always like to pop over to the Army barracks and tell the guys standing with SA80s that we are here to protect them from terrorists. If they fail to show the appropriate level of respect, I often get out the bomb car bag. The rolls of tape do it every time.

    I can see it in their eyes, the squaddies wishing we had been there with our loudhailer and rolls of tape to help them out when they were in Iraq.

    Hat's off to the bloke.
  11. Having just read the above fron stabandswat it just confirms it all, the bloke is a numpty PCSO or at best a Special.
    Rolls of tape and loudhailers at Al-Amarah, the JAM would have sh1te themselves.
    Stick to Mill Hill you woodentop wannabe.
  12. To be fair though, you would have to read the rest of his blogs as that excerpt doesn't lend itself to the manner in which his comments were intended.
  13. any link to the others? i think harry has some issues to work through
  14. Squaddies will always get maximum 'cutting of slack' by me when the situation allows. Problem is, as most Arrsers will know, that cheeky little thing called 'discretion' has to all intents and purposes been taken away from bobbies.
    That said; some squaddies (like Joe Public) you can't win with. They are running riot and refusing to calm down and toe the line. In situations like that you are never going to defuse the situation. They are intent on getting locked up, and you have no choice. Just because they're wearing the Queen's uniform, doesn't exclude them from membership of the Throbbers Club.
    As has been said before though, the Squaddies generally hold their hands up when sober and being interviewed, and are co-operative and regret causing the problem. For that they get my full respect, and I will break my back to make things as easy as possible for them. I am going to stick my neck out and say that MOST bobbies would do the same.....(I hope!!!)