Rincewind had a nasty bike crash

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rincewind, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Broke 3 ribs, collar bone, brusied 2 bones in neck, whiplash, bikes fcuked, helmet is fcuked.

    diesel spill, lost control and got thrown 15'

    now i have a titanium plate in my shoulder and am still badly damaged. Safe to say riding days are over....

    What i need is tips on getting fit again, what can i do to rebuild my right arm and shoulder? was training for the west highland way before the crash.

    Lower body uninjured.

    Obviously i cant do anything until healed up but all advice greatfuly recieved.

  2. Not a good time for ARRSErs and their bikes, what with acp's spill too. :?

    Sorry, no advice, but hope you're on the mend soon!
  3. Bad luck Rincewind - sounds painful! :cry:

    Best advice I can give is to see a Physio EARLY - don't wait for everything to stop working before seeking help. In the meantime - move all joints that you can as much as pain allows - and take lots of painkillers.

    Good luck

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery rincewind, sounds quite spectacular, not to mention bloody painful. Keep your joints as mobile as possible, Ibuprofen may ease your pain.
    Best wishes
  5. This might be a long shot Rincewind, but if a speedy recovery is your aim you might try finding a jockey and asking them.
    Breaks are a hazard of the job and I have heard that they, or rather their physios, have their own methods.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Keep focused & take LH's advice & make sure you chase your insurance co. Heal quickly x
  7. Cant take ibuprofen or any other none steroidal antiinflamitaries..... got reflux osophagitus and hiatus hernia. :)

    the pain i can take, the sleepless nights too. getting 2-3 hours a night, just very keen to get full use back, except the numbness where nerves have been severed. what i need is some good tips for excecises...

    EG. IYHO are pressups the best way to build shoulder strength for hiking or whould you reccomend buterfly lifts/pull downs etc...

    not been in a gym since my medical discharge so a little out of practise and i hate fizzy terrorists so would rather avoid them types.

  8. How did the bike take it? Hope the roads not broken! Oh and sorry to here you got broken.... :)

    Beebs x
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Rince, removed the training wheels before you were ready eh ?

    Take Calvados for the pain and Mexican waves for recovery trg.
  10. hmm..you could try repetitively lifting a light weight with your arm outstretched, from hip to just above shoulder height to keep the shoulder mobile and build up strength, increasing the weight as time goes on. Also rotate the arm whilst straight while grasping a lightweight
  11. Bike is fcuked. not sure if written off but in the hands of the insurance co now. apparently as it was diesel there is a body called MIB (Motorist Insurance Bureau) whom i can claim personal injuries off. if it had been ice then it would have been tough titties....

    Got fully comp insurance and dont intent to get back in the saddle - this is crash number 4 in 15 years and i didnt walk away from this one so i think i have pushed my luck for the final time.

    Helmet well and truly fcuked. landed vertical, feet in the air on my face and shoulder then feet crashed down so i was flat on my back in oncoming traffic - i started laughing....was awake for the whole thing... then the pain hit me in mass waves...lost my breath.

    Stood up but some knobber put me down and said not to move.... eventually got him off me and i went to the bike. cut the power and asked them to pick it up out the way of cars... put it in neutral then the ambulance turned up...

    was adament that they couldnt strap me down until i got my bike jacket off as i had visions of them cutting it off me at the hospital.

    good job i was wearing the body armour and boots or i would be brown bread now

  12. Thanks, would a "pint" be considered a light weight? start with lager, building up to heavier brews like Guinness later?

  13. Sweet as ever....

    they told me if i didnt have the opperation then i would never be able to fire a rifle again.

    didnt seem like i had a choice :)

  14. Lol, no, but only because you risk spilling it, and we dont want that do we? try something like a can of beans or if you have some weights, the lightest weight, stepping up to heavier as time goes on
  15. Rincey if you are still badly damaged you need to get the full range of motion and mobility back in your shoulder (or as much as you are going to get!) before you start doing weights of any kind! Then when you start weights you need to build up exceptionally slowly, starting firstly with using no weights and just tensing your own muscles (similar to doing Kata's in martial arts), then start adding weight work in.

    Fizzy terrorists, sport therapists and Oestopaths are a MUST, at least once! Even if they only point you in the right direction, you need the expert opinion to ensure you are rehabilitating everything correctly.

    Sorry to be all school ma'am-ish there but it's for your own good!

    Oh and now is the time to take after yourself internally, good food and maybe some supplements could help the body's repair work no end!