Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. i am based at a raf camp as an airfield electrician & for the past 18 months have been paid rilor without question by the unit.

    now some fat arrsed sgt doris (who has probably been in the army all of 10 mins) has arrived at our parent unit & told us (more than me involved here) that we are not entitled to it & never were entitled. we are all in our own privately owned houses.

    my question is why can the raf say we are entitled to payment yet the army say that we are not?

    i thought all this pay lark was meant to be tri-service or are the army a law unto themselves?

    any help will be appreciated before i go off on one at her.

  2. One would need to know a great deal more about your circumstances before saying yes or no.

    The RAF tend to be much more lax in their interpretation of the rules than we are.
  3. well as far as we know we have done everything by the book, as in making it known we had intentions of moving out of service qtrs as soon as we arrived at the unit, then doing so within the 6 month time slot. giving paperwork proof that we were owners of the house etc.

    as far as we were concerned that was that.

    i can feel a substanial BUT coming here as an answer (leaving myself wide open for comments here ai'nt i?)
  4. did the MOD pay for your relocation expenses? E.g removals. If they did you could find yourself with a bit of a problem
  5. no did all of that off my own back. so no come back on that front.
  6. OK, you passed the first test. I got the rest of this chapter and verse from previous thread on the subjetc:

    1. First, do you satisfy the eligibility requirements?

    Service personnel are eligible for RILOR provided one of the following applies:

    a. They are MARISTAT 1, 1s/c 2 or 5s/c and are occupying either their own property or privately rented accommodation.

    b. They are MARISTAT 3, 4 or 5, and have completed 3 years service and are occupying either their own property or privately rented accommodation.

    2. Does any of the following make you ineligible?

    The following are not eligible to claim RILOR:

    a. Service personnel who have claimed or will claim a refund of expenses related to house purchase in relation to their current tour of duty. However, where a SFA or other publicly funded accommodation is occupied temporarily whilst awaiting the completion of the purchase of their private RAS, they may claim RPOD whilst residing in that accommodation.

    b. Service personnel accommodated in any publicly funded accommodation scheme.

    c. A university, medical or dental cadet.

    d. Service personnel who travel as passengers in a car with a claimant of RILOR or RPOD, other than on an infrequent basis, which does not exceed 5 days travel per month.

    e. Service personnel who can use transport provided under Service arrangements for travel to and from work, whether or not they actually use it. They may, however, be eligible for RILOR when the scheduled journeys of such transport do not reasonably correspond with their hours of duty.

    f. R IRISH (HS) Service personnel.

    Assuming you satisfy the criteria, you are entitled to RILOR up to 50 miles each way (minus 9 miles own contribution=82 miles a day). However, this can be extended up to 70 miles each way by your CO

    I hope that this clears it up....
  7. well i have read that more than a couple of times & am afraid that i am not able to find anything that should stop me claiming.

    i thank you for all of your help & will post an outcome in due course.

    if anyone else has more input please add.

  8. It sounds as thought you may be able to claim restricted RILOR, ie up to the 19 mile rate.
  9. thats fair enough i travel 18 miles a day each way. like i said just wanted a little bit of ammo before i tackle the subject with her without any crib notes.

    thanx to one & all.

  10. new update our chief clerk is still absolutely certain that we are not entitled to rilor & wants us to pay it back, just the 4 years in one lads case around £6000.

    the raf are just as certain that we are entitled to claim it.

    watch & shoot.
  11. Get the RAAC, Regulations for Army Allowances & Charges, out and read it yourself to confirm the exact rules. It can also be found online on the intranet through the Army home page G1 section. Only you know your true circumstances and can apply the rules. Once you are sure go to your Chief Clerk with the good book and ask her to point out where it says that you are not eligible.

    Good Luck and keep us posted
  12. cheers & we will do.

  13. quick update:

    chief clerk has been told to wind her "fat" neck in & keep her beak out, cause it is written into the parenting statement between the raf/army that our claims are to be handled by our host unit.

    thanx for all the info gents, it was much appreciated.

  14. UPDATE

    she is back on the case gents & trying her hardest to claim back all our RILOR even though it has been proven that we have done everything above board. (she got ragged on her docs inspection)

    will keep you all infromed as we progress further.
  15. What, Pay docs wrong, Im not having that, next you'll be saying hers were spot on though.
    AGC any relation? :?