RILOR or HDT. Correct rates... help

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fazzy, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Quick one. I live 31 miles from my base in my own house. I was posted internally within my regt from one location to another and decided not to take up accom in the Garrison but to stay in my own house 31 miles away. I currently recieve RILOR at £6.33 is this correct for a 62 mile round trip daily. Help.

    P.S Had no briefs on JPA, we have no terminals and I dont know if I'm getting paid in 13 days (as per the other 96000 troops).

    08 May
    Further to my question. I did get paid but HDT- What a rip off, with the 9 mile pers contribution i end up with £5 less than rilor - mega. Also promotion SSgt to WO2 - 50 quid a month extra, wow what an insentive..... no wonder people get threaders and sign off!!!!
  2. You need to see the rates published in JSP 752 for HDT which takes over RILOR for the Army this April. 2006/7 rate for HDT(Private) auto rate for 31 miles from place of work was: 18 x £8.79 = £158.22 minus Personal Contribution Private 18 x £2.79 = £50.22. So £158.22 - £50.22 = £135 x two for return journey is £270 per month.

    There are different rates for living in a MQ (HDT (Public)) in addition there are different rates for automatic payment which assumes 18 journeys a month as well as a manual rate for those that don't travel regularly. I don't know the rates for 2007/8.
  3. Im moving into my own place mid-posting. I have read JSP 752 back to front and as far as I can tell I will be entitled to HDT(priv).

    1. Am I right, can I claim.
    2. My place is 50 miles away - how much am I likely to get?

  4. Glad you asked that DS. I am in the same position and have been told that because I moved voluntarily and not for service reasons I will get nowt.
    Nearly had a breakdown!! Does nothing to encourage people to plan for the transition to civ div.
  5. They stiffed me on the 1st of April when they changed to JPA. On the old system I was getting 18.30 a day for around 60 miles each way. Under JPA you are only allowed max 50 miles each way (plus you pay the first mile per day back) so now i'm on 16.75 or thereabouts a day. Effectively lost my 'huge' pay rise. CNUTS
  6. SJFC, go back to whoever told you that and tell them to read JSP 752 again. You are entitled, as am I
  7. As far as i know you can claim HDT(priv) if you live more than 9 miles away from your place of work. I was told last week that i could not claim as i am dead on 9 miles from work .. :(