Just a quick one for someone with the relevant docs to hand...

I'll be joining a TA Regt soon (non-specialist) which will be in a different city to the one I'm living in - 'bout a two hour drive/bit less on the train.

Question is, can I claim RILOR or a similar allowance for drill nights, in spite of the fact that there are TA units much closer to home that I could have joined, or am I going to get a big fcuk off tablet and told to join someone more local? It's going to cripple my none too spectacular pay packet if I can't

Have done a quick search and understand the rules for a Regular sldr, but me too fick to wurk it out for thu Tee Ays....

Sorry about that Belushi - you did ask me before and I forgot to get back to you.

I have passed this question to my SPS Branch and they are looking into it. They are coming down tomorrow for a liaison visit so I will bug them for the answer then.
liz_the_nurse said:

Is it travel costs u want reimbursed? Regular's as well as TA claim RPOD and get mega extra dosh for food expnses (about 14 quid per day)!
He lives too far away to claim RPOD!

I have checked with my SPS branch Belushi and the official line is that 'it depends on the circumstances' (Is there a posting order etc). I know this is probably not the answer you wanted but they suggest that you get your unit to staff it up through their SPS chain.
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