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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by peteisfishing, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Last year whilst in my, previous post, i took the step of buying my own property. This, in the main part, was so i could relocate my family closer to relatives who were partly disabled, on both sides of the family. All was well. I moved into the mess and claimed GYH(P).....i even got removals and disturbance allowance because of the circumstances of the move....for which i was very greatful. i have now moved to a post which is within commuting distance to my home, 50 miles or so, and was claiming RILOR. However. i have now been told , after 3 months of claiming, that i am only entitled to claim for 19 miles one way. Although i am greatful for any allownce i receive, could some one please shed some light on this, and would it be possible to appeal due to the circumstances?

    All advice is appreciated
  2. As I understand it - in the JPA era - it is called Home To Duty (Private) (in your case as opposed to (Public) if you lived in a MQ). You cannot claim for the first 9 miles of a single journey. I am not an expert or even close.
  3. Thanks for the help, but i am still wondering if it is possible to appeal due to the cicumstances Also, does anyone know where the 19 mile rule is written down? All i can find on the web is stuff telling me what i am entitled to not what restrictions have been put in place. Also, if i can only claim for 19 miles does that mean i can get the higher rate as it is below the 20 mile rule??
    once again, thanks for any replies
  4. The 19 mile rate is written down in Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges. It is applicable when you live in your own house for the first time as a residence and commute on a daily basis to work.

    You can, through casework, apply to have the 19 mile restriction waived on compassionate grounds - though you will need some weighty justification if this is to succeed.

    The rules will all change again in April with the advent of JPA - so it may be worth exploring your entitlement post JPA and biting the bullet until then?

    Hope that helps in some way!!
  5. Cheers Mutineer, do you know if all the JPA stuff is on this site or has it not been published yet??