Rihanna, stupid bitch.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. No matter how much you try and put on a classy front, eventually the ghetto slag comes bursting out :roll:

    Brap Brap!
  2. You would though wouldn't you?

    I feckin' would! :D

    She likes it rough 'apparantly' and the mess bragging rights would be on the shiny side of reasonable I reckon 8)
  3. This whole gangsta, and then chav, obsession with 'brappp!' is just too fvcking funny.

    I would pay to see 8 gangmembers with their 'pieces' vs a Sect just given a FCO...


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  4. Who cares if she likes it rough or not, thats how she would get it regardless.
  5. she's not exactly pretty is she?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. You can blame Chris Brown for that! :p
  8. I totally agree OBH. Total underclass behaviour from an adult with the mind of a 13 year old child. Some people insist on weaving their way into the gutter.
  9. Fair enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion


    Yours, on this occasion, is dead wrong and you're probably a hermer as well. :D
  10. Far from it. I started feeling guilty about some of the nasty posts I made about Jade Goody but this biatch has woken my feeling of hatred for such people. Maybe Rihanna will become ill too or take one punch too many from her lovely Chris and will be 'in heaven with the angels' quite soon.

    Rihanna? About as stupid as a name can be.
  11. That means a majority of the tramp chavs out there will also be getting the same tats. Probably done with some Quink and a compass.
  12. Ha, that would be monged up as fvck. Whats the betting the tattoos go from Glock or Sig or whatever to 'converted Brocock air pistol', these are charvers after all...
  13. Well... in fact the green-eyed fist-loving minx is mixed Irish & West Indian.

    Indeed, her dad's an alcoholic and crack addict, which is the proof of the pudding :wink:

    And she's unutterably hot:

  14. She got lucky in that pic.

    BTW, what is brap? I'ts a new one on me.
  15. quote="Mr_Deputy"

    she's so made up and airbrushed in that its unreal - she looks a completely different race!! I fancy the pic ....but not her. Brap! Indeed. Fck off you sad wannabee gangsters. Grow up - the lt of 'em. They make me so angry its unreal. Baggy pants - you retarded attention seeking batty boys

    Remember, not Gangsters but Soulja's :roll: :wink: