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When you join the Army, what are the rights you have to transfer to a different capbadge? What if you want to transfer to something but are over the age limit for joining that capbadge from civvy street?

I may yet apply for QARANC as health care assistant (as I'm 31 ) but what if after serving fow a while I wanted to transfer, where would I stand?

Many thanks in anticipation of sensible (lol) answers!

Just to clear up any confusion, I'm in civvy street now thinking about applying for the Army. The only job I can go for is health care assistant. While it sounds like a good job, I want to know how you transfer to another capbadge and if age limits apply on transfers whilst you are currently serving. ( I only ask as I'm sure my friends husband transfered from Infantry to Clerk (AGC) and he was 35 at the time. If he wanted to be a clerk from civvy street he couldn't have done it, can't find his number now though so I'm asking on here)

Hope that helps

When was this ? If it was at the creation of the AGC then that would make perfect sense at it was a new unit, but I think its job specific, I had a friend who went for pilot, got quite away through but was told that he would be too old at graduation to get maxium use out of him. A lot of time its not "you too old" its more "you haven't enough colour service left to make it worthwhiile us retraining you"

Out of interest have you anything in mind ?
re: sluice dweller

I can only go for HCA as I'm 31. Most other jobs in Army are age limit 30.

Unless they will give me an "age waiver" then it's HCA or nothing.

The annoying thing is, I run a 1.5 mile BFT in 8 minutes 7 seconds and my personal fitness is better than most 21 year olds I see at my gym who are joining the forces. I've a good standard of education too. It seems a shame the army can so readily pass up the chance of someone who actually wants to serve and doesn't mind the discipline unlike the mongs I hear about who are out after a year or don't even finish CMSR1.

They might consider an age waiver if you have plenty of service left i.e. you didnt join up at 18. The Army will want a return from you for investing in your re-trade, you also need plenty of time to have as full a carear as possible in your new job.

What are the age limits for training as a PTI. I know you have to enter the army first in one trade and serve a certain amount of time before applying to be a PTI. I do this in civvy street now and would be a smooth transition from HCA.

any ideas?


Bones and Welly have summed this up in a nutshell. As with the other issue I'm chasing on your behalf, take deep breaths and I'll send you a consolidated PM which will give you all the relevant wordology from AGAIs/AR*s etc - probably Monday!

Wait out. :D

*Big complicated Army books

Edited to add: If you can't be arrsed waiting, try PM'ing 'Soldier_Why' - if he can't help you, no-one can!

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