we have lots of threads where we vent our outrage at the great wrongs of the World.

Perhaps we should have a thread for those news stories where all seems well in the World.

Like this one from Sky News today:

"Martin Richardson was unhappy with the robber's attitude"

"So what if he had a gun? He was very impolite and I don't take kindly to that."

Just look at the robber and have-a-go-hero. The robber's a skinny weedhead, the hero's built like a brick outhouse with a neck as wide as his head. Were I in the shop, I would have watched with a warm feeling of contentment; aaah, law and order has returned to these forlorn lands.
6 years for armed robbery am I misreading that part.
You have a member of the public, who risks his life to prevent crime and the criminal gets 6 years, you wonder would you risk your life for that sentence.
Judges need to wake up.
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