Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BFG 9000, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. EDIT - don't click on the link for RAOConLine below unless you have a very strong stomach.

    ...... which one of you fcukers goes by the name of RichardBond500 on RAOConLine?

    Whoever it is, is hotlinking to an image [​IMG] on my server.

    Now I don't mind the use (theft) of my bandwidth, so much as the sheer ignorance of not asking my permission.

    Mr Bond whoever the fcuk you are, identify yourself, before I replace the image with the goatse man or tubgirl.

    You have been warned.

    Rant over,



    EDIT - I'm now aware that this was not the doing of RichardBond500.
    I publicly apologise to RichardBond500 for bringing his name into this.
  2. You could change the image filename, or dis-allow hotlinking to your server. But personally i would go with the goatse with some text explaining that this is what you get for using my bandwidth and images without permission.

    Oh, and make the goatse that one of the power lifter whos ringpiece prolapsed during a heavy press :D

  3. 'tis done.... I actually made a little compilation image !


  4. BFG Outstanding image, I laughed my hoop out ..... imagine his surprise whn he relogs in to find that little delight :D
  5. Serves the fcuker right.
    I just noticed that the post of his I linked to was finding fault with Zulu !!



  6. When I click on the RAOConLine, I still get the link to the Zulu thread. WTF???
  7. That is a fcuking outstanding piece of work BFG. Top score mate :D :D :D

  8. Yeah, but notice that the image ( [​IMG] ) below his post has now changed....


  9. Scroll down Corps, Scroll down
  10. Sorry guys, I'm a right thick cnut today, I don't see anything that has changed. I'll look at it later after I've had a few.
  11. Outstanding work, I must say... Bravo! :twisted:
  12. I still get the image of a smily drinking a pint. :?

  13. PURE



    That'll teach the pikey fooker!