Right, You Arrse Bast**ds!!

Which portion of the Arrse membership blabbed to the clip-board boffins about the truth behind the Arrse site?..

Its been apparently flashed across the pages of the London Observer...
giving away state secrets..damn the lot of you.

According to the usual suspects - er - 'scientists' - in a survey of 2000 British adults..two-thirds admitted to indulging in shallow chitchat at the expense of deep thoughts...
" considered communication has been the first causalty of our rushed, modern lives.....too much chatter means we keep our real thoughts to ourselves " Ronald Carter, Professor of English, Nottingham University

truth has been leaked...

then, again.. if the response to chris 316 or whatever is any indication..keeping Arrse's ' real thoughts' private isn't something to worry about...
There's no end of considered opinion on here. Mostly about people rather than by them admittedly, but if you want a considered opinion on anyone with a numeral in their name then we're here to help!

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