Right wing whingers thread - A Response from the right

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by legal_eagle, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. A double tap for the lot of them

  2. This is the 21st century, the liberal left is the way forward

  3. Fcuk it - I've had it with politics altogether, they're all as bad as each other

  1. As someone who is occasionally labelled (largely correctly I must admit) as one of the "hard core, right wing, immigrants out, Bliars a cnut type people", I wish to pose the following question to the ARRSE community;

    Are all the lefty, Guardian / Independent reading, liabour apologists, spouting their pseudo intellectual crap simply a bunch of condescending, we know best, if you don't agree you're an evil fascist etc, simply a bunch of cnuts who have miraculously yet temporarily gained control. Or are they in fact the vanguard of a brave new world who are destined to remain in ascendancy...

    If the former, do they need to be rounded up and shot if our country is ever going to recover from the mess it's currently in?

    Discuss, with reference to the good and / or bad that the rise of the Liberal Left has caused...
  2. Only four 'voters' so far, but I don't think Sven is going to be happy!
  3. If recent political japes are anything to go by, anarchy is the only viable way forward. Speaking of which, and thinking of Worcester, Gloucester and the like in the floods, it has been said that the only difference between democracy and anarchy is three meals. Feed the masses Mr Benn and prop up the corrupt state for a little longer.
  4. I would double tap the lot of them, but I fear that they in their ascendency as they molly-coddle the worthless dole-bludging chav class.

    It is the chavs who spend all the honest tax payers money - they don't work and so claim benefit; they generally lead unhealthy lifestyles and so clog up the NHS; their kids disrupt schools and cost the LEAs; they take up Police and Prison time and don't pay council tax or utility bills which all gets subbed by our council tax.

    Meanwhile they breed more than other 'socio-economic groups' and so will out number us by more and more, so wage earning tax payers will have to pay higher and higher percentages of earnings to pay for increasing amounts of benefits, extra strain on the NHS and so on.

    Therefore, we need governments who value hard work and contribution, not bleeding hearts who think it's their duty to protect scum that original Darwinian theory would have made extinct.

    Or am I being a bit OTT?
  5. [my bold] Nope, not to my mind anyway..seems spot on to me. Of course this is one of the arguments in favour of the mass immigration that we are presently suffering; we need more people to fill the multitude of vacancies in the labour market and simultaneously pay into the treasury's coffers in order to support said chavs.

    It doesn't seem to have occured to them that a much better answer would be to cut the idle b@stards benefits and give them the choice of work or starvation...
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You could start with double-tapping the lefties, give a 'talking-to' to the libdems (sorry Sven, but needs must), and for an exciting finaly, blow Camerbuffoon to bits along with the members of the cons who thought it would be a great jape to have the c0ck-jockey at the top table.
  7. I tend to notice that the Grauniad reading types who constantly try to condescend to those who do not see things there way, and who say redistribution of wealth is the only fair way always seem to have considerably more to share than I do but do not seem to want to share it. All pigs are equal ....... springs to mind.
    I feel that this will only be a reasonably temporary situation as with the rapid growth of the Chav class the employed working people irrespective of class will eventually become the minority then the Guardianistas will have to take on the condescending care of us against the majority.
  8. I get the idea that comedy Dave was put there to fail whilst a more suitable candidate was found/groomed
  9. Am I the only one who hates both the Guardianistas and the whinging Mail readers?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    And yet, and yet, the wealth gap, which had so nicely shrunk under the ultimate right-winger Thatcher, has increased to levels not seen for 60 years UNDER THE LEFTIES!

    You couldn't make it up! :x
  11. I'm not siding with them or anything, but how can you have lived with Neu Arbeit for 10 years and still think they're left-wing?
  12. Exactly!! Although I'm sure that class war hero and deeply committed socialist George Galloway would disagree with you...from the comfort of his Portuguese Villa!

    One hypocrite amongst many, I think "champagne socialist" is the technical term is it not?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Capitalists are always capitalists, no matter how much money they make (or philanthropists), but commies only remain so until they smell the money; then they become greedy, self serving liars, and remain so without ever becoming philanthropists.
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Is this right wingers at their ugliest? For those not already involved your help is required Here
  15. As both main political parties seem to be heading towards the centre ground in order to gain votes, its starting to look like this process means that nobody is happy with either Lab or Cons and won't vote for Lib Dem as they see it as a wasted vote. The results seem to be voter apathy.
    The reason I started the other thread was that some right wingers on this site seem to be suffering from a culture of blame, the same is obviously true for the left of the political spectrum which as far as I can tell seems to only have Sven (on this site) supporting it (and he's Lib Dem).