Right-wing extremists tricked by 'Trojan' t shirts

I was in Dresden when they were protesting against Churchill. I did consider wearing my "for Coventry with love" t-shirt but I thought better of it! It was a tense atmosphere. They're well organised in the east with plenty of members working in the education system, especially P.E. Usual story, high unemployment, few prospects, fear of foreigners.
As i recall this mob were at a beer fest in Gutersloh, most being mid teens early twenties, and a fair few were army /airforce brats as well
We had a contingent based with us, German signals I think, long haired shufflers they were, hardly ever saw them, dunno how right wing they were but judging by hair length not very.
Then again this was 80-84 cold war etc I think they were just doing their time as it was conscript then for Germans, is it still?
sounds like the one :) but I thought it was written earlier than that
that was to macca not you mate, although i could google the nazi songs as well i suppose, hey i'm getting smarter
remember going to see bad manners in paderborne in 89 i think! and as we waited to get in about 30 neo nazi skins started bottling the crowd n kicking off! busters dad had died and the gig got called off!

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