Right-wing extremists tricked by 'Trojan' t shirts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dhobidust, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. I was in Dresden when they were protesting against Churchill. I did consider wearing my "for Coventry with love" t-shirt but I thought better of it! It was a tense atmosphere. They're well organised in the east with plenty of members working in the education system, especially P.E. Usual story, high unemployment, few prospects, fear of foreigners.
  2. As i recall this mob were at a beer fest in Gutersloh, most being mid teens early twenties, and a fair few were army /airforce brats as well
  3. There's plenty of swastika tats on German soldiers, their Rupert's don't like it.
  4. We had a contingent based with us, German signals I think, long haired shufflers they were, hardly ever saw them, dunno how right wing they were but judging by hair length not very.
    Then again this was 80-84 cold war etc I think they were just doing their time as it was conscript then for Germans, is it still?
  5. Some still sing their old songs to the same tune.
  6. Tommorow belongs to me?
  7. Written by a couple of Jewish homosexuals for the film "Cabaret"
  8. sounds like the one :) but I thought it was written earlier than that
  9. Just Google it. Kander and Ebb.
  10. so what was the song then?
  11. Are you completely thick? Just Google "Tomorrow belongs to me"
  12. that was to macca not you mate, although i could google the nazi songs as well i suppose, hey i'm getting smarter
  13. Rommel's popular!
  14. You hum it , I`ll play it