Right Wing Extremism - Real Threat Or Knee-Jerk Reaction?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Reports in the 'Daily Hate' (Daily Mail) today. (There, there I do feel better)


    A real cause for concern, or just our wonderful Liar-Boring old Gubbermunts shouting 'Wolf' once again to justify a further crackdown with more legislation or using some of the anti-terrorism legilsation to justify things? But, it could be a real threat. There are 2 sides to every argument.

    Maybe this is all a knee-jerk move by Lord Meddlesome to advise Pa Broone of a way of staying in office permanently by suborning Civil Liberties, Habeus Corpus, Parliament and all Elections by declaring a 'National Emergency' using the 'Civil Contingencies Act 2004' and all the recent additions to the anti-terrorism legislation.

    Nothing would really surprise me of any extreme stunts pulled by this useless Labour govenment. Things 'Real or Imagined'. Maybe I am getting far too cynical in my old age, and should stop reading the 'Daily hate' and similar news rags!! :oops: :? :)

    After all, all this legislation is already on the statute books... So why not use it and see what happens. Pa Broone and Mr Meddlesome can always blame it all on the Torys and Maggie Thatcher if they are caught bang to rights when things go belly up for Labour!!

    Will there be room in the Tower of London for Pa broone and his Pals now.....??
  2. Another smokescreen in order to bring in ID cards etc . If anyone disagrees with the erosion of civil liberties they'll get branded as racist
  3. i think its a bushizum, when things look bad, scare the public with hyped info/BLX
  4. Why not post the link and excerpt from the actual article?
  5. Great idea. Raise the threat of terrorist attacks while not alienating the muslim voters. I still fear this bunch of c***s will try to act under the Civil Contingencies act.
  6. the Daily Mail has that much power?
  7. No doubt there are some dangerous fcukers in Combat 18 etc. But I doubt they're in the same league as AQ and their fellow-travellers.

    For a start, while Nazi-Wannabes like the Nail Bomber are perfectly happy to kill for their "cause", they seem less enthusiatic about reaching Valhalla than Muslims are about getting stuck b@lls-deep in the 72 Virgins. Put simply, Neo-Nazis are less likely to carry out a suicide attack. :roll:

    I also remember hearing these kind of dire warnings in the run up to The Chosen One winning the race for the White House; the South would rise again, KKK would slaughter thousands and we would see The War of Northern Aggression II: This Time it's PERSONAL! :twisted:

    When Kal-El Obama gave his victory speech, he was protected by thousands of FBI, Secret Service, cops, SWAT teams, soldiers and Apache helicopters. You'd have thought he was giving a speech in Helmand, not Chicago.

    In reality, the most dangerous thing Obama's had to deal with is three white-trash morons who's master plan was to slot Obama with a rifle from a range of 800 yards...while taking crystal meth. 8O

    Bottom line: I don't reject the possibility of a Neo Nazi terrorist spectacular, but there are scarier people than them out there... :evil:
  8. what about left wing extremism id say we are closer to that now
  9. The Norsefire Scenario. :twisted:

    Calm down, dear; there is no way ZANU-Labour would do that. Not because of any morality but because the stupid fcuks lack both the bottle and the brains.

    The kind of situation that would allow Cyclops and pals to suspend the democratic process would have to be the biggest terrorist attck in history. It would have to be something that made 7/7 look like amuater night in Dixie.

    We're talking "Nuclear 9/11" - a Dirty Bomb exploding in London, forcing a large area of the Capital to be evacuated. A Suitcase Nuke would be even better, since it would give a higher body-count. If it can explode outside thePalace, or take out Parliament(while Gordon and the rest of the Supreme Soviet are nice and safe in another part of the country)perfect.

    And that is NOT going to happen. ZANU don't have the b@lls or the resources to pull off a Black Op of that magnatude.
  10. You think?
    I think Mr Brown will do just about anything to stay in powere and prove to us all he is the only man to save the world.
  11. Not just the Daily Mail:


    But note how they finish up:

  12. Don't know about a terrorist attack, but I can see a swing to the right thanks to Labour. Thanks knobheads. It has already happened in the European elections.
  13. Here you go..

    Edit for extra sarcasm.
  14. Jagman: I don't doubt Brown's Will to Power, if I may be allowed to quote Nietzsche. Just his ability to carry out such a conspiracy.

    First, he'd need an Oswald. In fact, he'd need a whole group or a number of pro's - Spooks etc -to recruit, train equip and control the terrorist(s). And do it all under the eyes of the Met and Box 500, the vast majority of whom would not be in the loop.

    If it's a Dirty Bomb/Suitcase Nuke, he has to arrange to be out of London when it goes off(or it rather defeats the purpose :twisted: ). If it's a Mumbai-style attack or a Chemical/Biowar assualt he has to hope none of those responsible are taken alive.

    He would also leave himself at the mercy of everyone else involved in the plot; he would live every day with the fear that someone would talk. Of course, he could always have them killed as well. But that poses it's own risks...

    This is what Conspiracy Nuts never seem to understand; the sheer difficulty of carrying out such actions and keeping everybody else from finding out. As our old pals in the KGB used to say: Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead... :twisted:
  15. This country always prospered when it followed two principles:

    1. Fear God
    2.Honour the Queen.

    Now there's neither self-respect or respect for others, or duty or service.