Right.. Whos up for it?

See that HM Communication Office has a discrete advert out for a 'specialist ' in stuff needed..
Real life version of Bond's Q needed to fill vacancy..

so, which one of you devious cnuts is up to the task of stuffing laser guided missiles into class pens, or GPS receivers in fillings or disguising bio toxins as curry and chips?

got to be some fun in that...
If you were Q, what brilliant devices would you produce? Think carefully, because this may come up at the interview!

I personally feel James Bond has lacked a dehydrated mountain bike, concealed in an avocado pear for some years now. Now be very careful with this Bond, it's a cigar made entirely of uranium and Semtex....oh and this aerosol contains deodorant spray, handy if you meet that awful Russian creep Sergey. He's been dragging his balls around Red Square in celebration of the 60th anniversary of VE day and we think he may not have showered since...

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