Right, when I finish FTRS in a year or two

how do I go about becoming an AI with the cadets? can I do both TA and Cadets? Is it a long winded process? and can I help out as a TA SNCO with training prior to joining them later on as an AI?

As mentioned in another thread, yes you can help out as a TA Soldier.

The process includes a spell as a Civilian Assistant until you do "modules" (a series of training weekends), and some paperwork goes through. You should then be made a "PI" (Probationary/Potential Instructor), and the next step is an ITC run by Cadet Training Teams around the Country. This entitles you to promotion to Sergeant Instructor. There is also a CRB in there fairly early on which apparently takes ages to get through.

After that various courses... Frimley park within 2 years of your ITC doing an AITC is whats aimed for though.

Your experiences will no doubt be useful to Cadets but the big thing that ex-Regular or TA people need to remember is that Cadets is a youth organisation. We're all up for acting Army and being military... but we dont go in for the beastings and constant old war stories do get old real quick :)

aka dont walt it infront of Cadets coz we dont like it either. lol.


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"aka dont walt it infront of Cadets coz we dont like it either. lol."

Oh my lord another one! I should'nt bother with the ACF mate just come to ATC and we'll make sure we assimilate as many of your quals as possible due to a change of attitude at the top!

Oh and they love you if your ex service and don't throw in patronising waltisms as above!

You can only be a walt if you're pretending to be something you never were/are, by definition if you've served you aint one...............


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And it therfore follows that if you're "WI" then you is a etc

They'll only complain if you get promoted over them, wear your own capbadge and tribal markings and actually know what you're talking about.

I was never going to say this but the champions of trying to make cadets do walty SAS stuff are the WI's. ex reg and ta or equiv are more than aware that they are only kids.

Oh WI=Walty instructor
Sorry noticed there your point of less likely to "walt" if ex-service. Was merely talking about the similar behaviour, not accusing of actually doing it.

Saying that I've seen a few instructors that could quite easily pass as "walts" even though theyre ex-service.

I think the ACF also use qualifications if they are kept valid from previous service, Signals qualifications are definately useful as lots of places dont always have an abundance of Signals Trained let alone Qualified people as an example.

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