Right, whats going on here then?

Ok, its midday, Wednesday.

I was wondering what the fcuk you lot are up to? Do you not have jobs to go to or are you wasting the 'companies' time??

In bloody chat: Users: manchestercop, twicer, Mr_C_Hinecap, Viki_127

On the bloody board: Convoy_Cock, Dale The Snail, Filbert Fox, hup-two-three, manchestercop, Mr_C_Hinecap, notmesir, RobinHood, susie, Viki_127, ViroBono, Wingman.

Now before you start bleeting, I have a jolly good reason why Im online at this time. I cant see that any of you shower are able to justify your 'bunking off' though.

I want explanations now and they'd better be bloody good. Names will be taken.


erm erm erm erm...well it's like this My Lord...
I am working a late turn tonight so right now it's either this or ironing :?
I'm here because I can :p
oh, am i still logged on????
I keep ARRSE on in the background and read/post in between patients/admin/meetings. It keeps me sane whilst dealing with Performance Indicators, Business Continuity Planning and other really really interesting stuff.
I must say, Viro is the only one who has come up with an almost believible excuse! MC, yours isnt as it's your hobby.

Filbert Fox, just noticed your signature;
If I were any better looking people would think that I was an android.
Are you on about Metal Mickey and is there a similarity?
Very sorry, shall i report to Matron for my medicine?
Its lunchtime, i'm bored, I can't go for a run because I fecked up my knee on Monday's run :evil: I surfed in for the stunning converstaion and humour..............NOT.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Filbert Fox, just noticed your signature;
Are you on about Metal Mickey and is there a similarity?
more like Kryten :oops:
rrbitch said:
If your bits are as big as his attatchment then i'll be right over :D
yeeeehaaaa, put my calls on hold

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