Right what do you lot now need?

Bit of Background.....

Yes I am new on these forum's but I have spent the last year looking in, no im not a member of the press (But years ago I did do a Military Press Course!), Im helping a Friend setup a Military Sales Website......

When I was in we all purchased Windproof Smocks, Hele Hanson Field Jackets, and Bergans but that was a few years ago.

So What equipment do you now need to purchase yourselves? Which companies equipment and clothing do you like? e.g. Arktis, Webtex, BCB etc?

What is important? IRR? Price? Colours? etc

Have you had any bad experiecences with purchased equipment? What happened?

Any help would make my life easier, and you never know I might even offer you all a discount......
Field equipment needs to be as light as possible, as compact as possible, easy & simple to use, robust and as squaddie proof as possible. When considering stocking something maybe you should think if it fulfills all of those if you are serious about all this.
Thank you yes I am very serious about this, We all know the places that advertise in Soldier Mag (Back Page I think?) Item costs £79.99 anywhere else and Silver.......s sell it for £179.99, I personally belive this has gone on far too long.

Its about time that more Ex-Forces got envolved with selling equipment, at the right prices, and telling the truth about it.

I was employed a few years ago by one of the biggest sellers of Military Field Equipment, Gulf 2 came up and they were shipping Battlevests that had NOT been made in IRR Material. Me as Ex Forces refused to sell said vest, major fallout.

I think one of the most important things to do, is to tell the truth about any equipment or clothing that we sell.

If an item is IRR say so, If it isnt also say so. Stop making 200% profit on all items, Offer a good replacement / refund service, and try and get the prices down to what the average person can afford.
I would but I want to get it right first, find out what equipment is rearly needed.

Smocks, battlevests, bergans, boots etc

Then get the website running correctly, then advertise it - yes It will then be going in Soldier Mag, Combat and Survival and a massive Web Push.

But rather then just prioduce a "normal" surplus site, and want to get it right, and from what I can see, the people on this site tell the truth, and I would rather be stocking items that are needed rather then items that look good but are f%%k all use?

Yes I could look at putting the URL in my signature, but until I get the above done correctly I don't want or need to.........
You don't have a communications system in stock I suppose? :)
Well for a start, avoid anything made by Webtex like the plague. (shudder at thought of ever using their equipment again).
Best bet is to go for a good mix of new stuff and surplus - there is a company called USMC who primarily sell new equipment, most of which is frankly cack and no old/used gear which people actually want. If you want a few ideas for stock, PM me and Ill come up with a list of what i can never seem to find and need badly or what i am always delighted to come across when i do eventually find it. Would post here, but its late...
Have a look at what other nations use relevant to their own climate.
Arctic, Jungle, Desert. As british soldiers we have a good uniform designed for Temperate climates. But at the outer edges of the climate the selection is bonk..

Maybe an all in one flak jacket\tactical vest.

Learn from others.
First off, a good supply of the essentials obviously i.e. bungees, good & strong hooks though, paracord in different lenghts, tent pegs etc. etc. all the little thinmgs every soldier will need. Yeah, i'd keep minimal Web-Tex...if any. Also I like you're idea about giving the gen on hwat you sell, too many times the bloke on the end of the line hasn't a clue about what he's selling or about what's important to a soldier. If you get this one right, you are gonna make a name for yourself mate and get a good business going, cause too many places kick the arse out of it.
I know im going to need luck, but its about time that an ex member of the British Army got this Equipment Supply thing sorted!

Reference Webtex - its aimed at the Cadet Forces, but they have just started to change and upgrade some of their products! They have started to produce an IRR Battlevest - its a very good copy of the Arktis Jungle Vest and much cheaper!...... You could go as far as to say it "might" be made in the same factory..........

I have also got the rights to sell Battlevests made by a new firm based in Norway - They produce many different designs in most colours and all Brit Desert and DPM items are IRR compatable to MOD Specs!

When its comes to massed produced equipment, don't belive any of the hype, so say an item has been made in the UK, can mean any of the following:-

It was made in the UK

It was put together in the UK

It had a lable put in it in the UK

And most of the big players in the equipment market place now use a factory in China to produce all there equipment - Its just comes off the production line with a different label on it.

Have a look at the Arktis A4 Notebook holder then the Webtex version of the same product - Whats the difference THE PRICE?

I think as long as we always tell the truth, and don't push the bull***T factor at all, we should get a better name then most.

Thanks for the replys so far, I will make sure that I mesage all the people that help with a discount code when we launch?
daysacs, leathermans, gerbers ,assault vests ,nirex folders ,softies,buffalos , or equivlents lowa boots better desert boots
canoe bags mini maglites . arktis is good but exspensive webtex is cheap but poo all stuff blokes buy .Blawkhawk gear should be cheap as dollar rock bottom but
Usmc sell it real exspensive

decent radios drum magazines and gucci pistols wth all sortsof things stuck on would sell well :lol:
Lowa boots, I've also used Matterhorns, though they were QM's local purchase rather than my own. Decent liner and main socks. Helly Lifa tops and bottoms at a below 'new-mortgage' price. Some helium inserts for my bergan? Hip flasks? Nice cushions so my arrse doesn't get so shiney nor my chalfonts so bruised.

Oh and see if you can set up your bank details so that when my joint bank account statement comes through your part reads as if you were a local filling station - you might have to do deals on a "fifty-ish (but not exactly) quid per month for the following amount of time" basis. You'll half the threat of divorce in my house if nowhere else...
Softie kit, always good.
Lowa boots
Hele Hansen tops
All the little bits like boot brushes, polish, tentpegs etc.

Thinking of more
Right here goes!

daysacs - No problem, I will be able to get Daysacks, Bergans and Patrol Bergans (NI Type)

leathermans, gerbers - Again should not have a major problem with these.

assault vests - Will be offering a NEW MOLLE type of design, a SA80A2 Vest, a LSW Vest, a Minimi Vest, Chest Rigs, Advanced Chest Rigs, and more all in ALL CAMS including Desert and Brit DPM, all made in IRR Material, all with Lifetime Warranties.

nirex folders - Should not be a problem - but still trying to sorce at a good price

softies, buffalos - Have a version of the Softie - but need to know if this is now an issue item?

lowa boots - Can't sorce boots at a good enough price yet, but may have a chance to get some Magnam Type boots with Gortex lining, at a very good price

desert boots - As above, was offered Pro Boots - But arn't they on issue?

canoe bags - No problems here. Will be selling Bergan size, Side Pouch size and Utility pouch size, is it true that the RM now issue them? If that the case why don't you indent for them with the NSN Number?

mini maglites - covered.

arktis can get but the best Arktis stuff I belive is the Smocks and Battlevests and I already have a supplier of what I belive to be better Battlevests

webtex - Will stock a small amount, Cadet Forces need an option (see below)

Blawkhawk / Camelbak - I belive this is overpriced for what you get (you pay a lot for the name!)

I feel that the areas I need to sell to our:-

Regular Forces
Reserve / TA Forces
Cadet Forces
Paintball and Airsoft Players

I don't belive in stocking any item that is on General Issue, but if an item is only issued to say the RM, then it would be worth stocking this item.

Another aim is when we do sell "issue equipment" to always keep the price below what you would have to pay for it, if you went diffie........ Whats better get a replacement from us, or pay more to the QM?
Do any of you serving types still use Zoot Suit Tops (Showing my age now!) used to be self made by para types......

I have the option of having these made in the UK and in British DPM / Olive Green/Black? Should be looking at under £10.00 per top? Is this the sort of price you would be looking at?

I know that Arktis sell their version for £17.63

I belive that HM Supplies and SASS also do a version, would this be a good option.

Sorry about all the questions, but I want when I launch this to get it right. Its bad enough that you have to put up with the equipment that you get issued, without having another Surplus shop ripping you off with S**T overpriced equipment?

Boots are always needed, stay away from Pro-Boots, they're barrack slippers only and already issued. I like alt-bergs (company based in richmond, yorkshire) and find it difficult to source them sometimes. lowas are worth stocking too.

The IRR thing is well and good, but the treatment wears off very quickly with use and washing.

DECENT canoe bags are the dogs nads, and how about stocking some DECENT repair kits for them as they get quite pricey to replace regularly.

Remember that many squaddies like their outdoor pursuits too (climbing, canoeing, hiking even skyding have many common items that can be difficult to get hold of) it may add another source of revenue for you too.

Don't try and appease everyone's kit whims though as we all have different preferences. Go for QUALITY and not necessary diversity to begin with. The word will spread.
I'd stay off the Webtex altogether, bar maybe some of their admin kit which is fair enough.

If you want to offer a budget option for the cadets go for decent surplus issue stuff, bit of a pain as you'll have to travel to Field-Textile or whoever handles the "fabrics" these days, if you just order bulk you'll get crap.

Quality LED torches, preferably ones that take ordinary batteries (although the CR123 is near enough a corner shop item these days). Mag lights are great but the new lED jobs leave them for dead.

Danner boots

Something that would be decent and original in the UK would be custom made LBE, for people with odd requirements or funny shapes.
most of what the blokes in my unit look for are: NI patrol packs (very hard to get, only ever see crap webtex versions), ammo boots (as near to new as possible), webbing pouches, issue chest rigs, para and windproof smocks (again, issued, near to new as poss) GPS, silva compasses, orders books, waterproof notepads, maglites, windproof trousers, jungle boots, decent assault vests, perhaps a modular design with bits you can add on or take off ie leathermans pouches, extra mag pouches, grenade pouches, maglite pouches, camelbak pouch, gps pouch, FFD pouch. and all of the above IRR if not issued.

hope this helps.
I got a zoot suit top really usefull genuine item . i.e made from an acquired canopy :lol: . Even if its ugly as sin
Dont suppose your going to thank arrse for providing such a brilliant research base with a ££ donation....

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