Right - What do you carry in your webbing?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering, as I packed once again this evening...

    My starter for 10: usual rifle stuff, civvie GPS, Gary Goretex, hexi telly, water bottle and metal mug, 50m ( ish ) para cord, model kit, scoff and brew kit plus lifeboat matches, TAM, monster crab because it looks warry, small crab for lid, secateurs, med kit in an old SUSAT pouch, ancient sandbag, plasticuffs in back of lid cover....
  2. Chocolate, several hip flasks, left over firework rockets, some socks to fill out the empty pouches and sweet wrappers as oppossed to street rappers.
  3. Same, except model kit stays with bergen and Goretex goes in daysack. TAMs in smock pocket. Also I'm too poor to afford GPS :(
  4. The usual stuff for the weapon, Magazines ect, Water bottles, Rations, spare socks, some wash kit, brew kit, survival tin, basically the same as above...

    depending on wether I use the issue or the Assault Vest..
  5. 8 tins of tennants super, fabloned jazz mag( for the all weather basha bashin ), 1 pack baby wipes for after the previous item.1xpair socks in case it's too cold for the basha bashin and you need to weatherise the "stand to posn".... 8 x kit-kats fit in the ammo pouches...well done the designer. and of course the bayonet frog (in case we get a good deal on some bottled beer). smock pockets.........fags, lighter, menu from chinky's, mobile phone to contact said chinky's...........[hr]

    HEY..HEY..HO.. HO.. TROPICAL FISH................
  6. Bullets
    False passports
    False mustache/nose/specs
    Snares, various
    Fish-slice for scooping up dead birds for snacks 'on the go'
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A pair of Secateurs - VERY useful for cutting cam, setting up OPs, etc. Much quieter - and more practical - than a machete or other Goluk-type blade. Also, being TA, less likely to get you arrested by the Feds when on the way to a weekend...
  8. Ammunition, oil and water.

    Live like a Spartan, fight like a Klingon...and rifle the enemy's pockets for the rest!

    I had a Pl Sgt who seriously advocated switching the whole pl to the enemy's weapon system as soon as possible so that we could fight back up their supply chain. Sweet! :D
  9. When it comes to slaughter ........

    Seriously though I tried to carry the bear minimum in my webbing

    comby tool (actaully that was normally in my jacket)
    water bottles x 2
    metal mug
    Hexmin blocks
    Nails, Nine Inch x 3 (improvised cooker)
    24hr worth of rations

    CEFO is for FIGHTING in don't forget, I might even drop the metal mug to the daysack and lose the nails etc, 24 rats are for emergancy reason only

    In Pockets

    Survival Kit
    Compass (silva, GPS my arrse)
    Notebook, Pens & relevant op cards
    Shemagh (spelling)
    Thin gloves
    Wooly hat
    Maglite Solitare
    Choccy bar
    Racing spoon
    Para Cord

    In DaySack

    More Rations
    Proper Cooker & Fuel
    Yank Poncho Liner
    Talc Powder
    Spare Socks
    Gore-tex socks (NOT issue mind)
    Spare Batteries for torch
    Sacuters (sp)
    Fecking Big Radio usually
    Fecking big batteries for fecking big radio


    Feck all, need the space for patrol stores :wink:
  10. Actaully I'm lying, this is what I used to carry

    Left Ammo Pouch: Magazines x 4
    Right Ammo Pouch: Torch RA x 1, Weapon Cleaning Kit
    W/Bottle Pouch: W/Bottle and mug
    Respirator case: Respirator and canister
    Left Kidney Pouch: Mess Tins, KFS, Rations & Hexmin Cooker
    Right Kidney Pouch: Spare pair of boot laces, Boot cleaning kit, spare socks
    Poncho cover: Poncho

    If you were extra warry then add a 44 pattern w/bottle pouch containing an extra water bottle and an extra poncho cover, one for top and one for bottom with a couple of tent poles sticking out the side

    Just to clarify about the Respirator Cover, that was all that was in there and never ever did I carry a pack of mouldy sandwiches, cheese and onion crisps and a small bottle of orange panda pops :wink:
  11. For those like me, who like to carry a pair of secetaurs, I have just found some folding Leatherman type ones. They are made by Spear & Jackson, and have a selection of blades including a useful saw blade that actually works. They come in the usual type black cordura pouch, and can be yours for the princely sum of £10.98ish. I found them in Asda, but I'm sure plenty of other outlets stock them.
  12. Ammo cleaning kit first aid kit w/b or camel bac hexi rations spoon
    metal mug mini maglite field dressing
    day sac gortex softie basha
    smock lighter notebook nirex with aide memories lighter
    leatherman chewing gum gloves survial tin

    flasks gas stoves other rubbish as dictated by needs
  13. yep , Secatuers wont go with out them, especially good for clipping ones nails and if kept sharp are handy for cutting pretty patterns in paper
    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  14. Where do you keep your punctuation?
  15. Strewth! That's a secret weapon up your sleeve. Useful for CFTs too, if you could it to let you ride it once in a while.