Right top - WRONG bottom....

'Does my bum look big in these jeans?' For once guys, no lie needed. She fücking KNOWS it does! In fact it's so massive that 'Does my bum look big in these jeans?' would have to be taken as a rhetorical question.. Nature has dealt her a couple of bad cards there but....

Could you do her? Would you do her?


Jesus H Christ!!!! I think you've got a hard on!!!!

Haven't seen her face yet....maybe you could bounce some of that fat off there for her ;)
Is that......real?

I thought somebody was having a laugh with photoshop. You'd have to be John Holmes (but alive) to have bum-sex with that thing.

ill have a go (i have no standards)
looks like two pigs wrestling under a blanket...

Oh what the hell I'll have a go could be fun
Reminds me of a female second looey in Northumbrian UOTC circa 1980-81...beautiful face, fantastic lungs and an arse like a Clydesdale! On balance though, you would have....


It’s just a little something extra to grab onto.
Wouldn’t want her on top though, she’d probably crush me.
Anya1982 said:
Goku, be honest! You want her to sit on your face!
I fear that would be a death-wish, making Goku into a suicide bummer?
JESUS CHR1ST!!!!!!!!!! 8O 8O 8O 8O

She looks like a weeble, imagine dogging with her in your car??? Open the boot and shove her head first over the back seat. You'd be stood in the car pack trousers round your ankles humping away at the world biggest bike stand while the four way flashers cast cellulite shadows over all the voyuers. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Anyway how do you get trousers with a 20 inch waist over a 68 inch ass :?: :?:

Why isn't there 4 feet of spare material flapping round everywhere.
As long as she looks alright when she turns round i'd do her. Once she lies down on the bed, all the fat stuff will be behind her. If you ignor the duvet like mass of flag trying to escape from under her hips it should be like shagging a thin bird.

Suffice to say, chalk me up for a go on her, although i'll be chosey whos porridge i'm stiring.



Anya1982 said:
Goku, be honest! You want her to sit on your face!
Guilty as charged.
She can rub her hoop in my face so long as I can have some kind of reinforced steal cage to prevent her from crushing me.
i'd throw one up her- but then i am not proud.

maybe it would be a lazy shag- push in once and the momentum would do the rest- quality. mind you- would have to strap a plank to your arrse to stop you falling in!!
That arrse is probably big enough to generate a weak gravitational field actually. Frail old people and small children walking towards her in the street must be in danger of being pulled in, doing a couple of orbits and then getting slammed into shop windows or into oncoming cars.

Also, thinking about practicalities - having a shite is something she must dread. Those steel-press cheeks will reduce even the most healthy of turds into a brown film the thickness of gold leaf long before it sees water.
Assuming that she can reach, that is a lot of bogpaper per payload.

Still fighting with whether or not I could do her though.....
It would be like shagging a bouncy castle.

As such all your mates would join in, too.

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