Right to wear medals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mike D, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. I was under the impression if you got a dishonourable discharge you lost the right to wear your medals, after all they are issued for GOOD conduct for whatever else reason, yet I know one thrown out soldier who parades around on the 11th of November wearing all his gongs acting the right pratt, he was charged with theft, burglary, TDA and Gods know what else, did a 12 month stretch for it too.
  2. I thought they were earned by going on ops?
  3. If he was awarded them then he can wear them regardless of what hes done in his past.

    Get a fecking grip.
  4. Theres that many WALTS out there who have never earned a medal why would you want to prevent some one who has earned his medals wearing them, unless hes just shagged your missus.??

    If they stopped thieves from wearing medals surely that would be victimisation of the Kingo's
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  5. I concur!
  6. It's actually a Defence Council call if medals should be forfeited. I've not heard of it happening for a while, mind you.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Actually it was normal for troops discharged under a cloud to lose the right but when you leave who is going to tell you what to do? They should have been taken off them if that was the case.
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  8. really? Fascinating.

    Are you jealous, or just bitter and twisted...
  9. if so can we not have some pictures of the filthy girly?
  10. I totally agree.

    Refer the the 'Sgt Danny Nightingale' thread for an example of how dishonourable discharges are not always appropriate or well balanced. A soldier is entitled to wear any decoration he is entitled to regardless of any mistake he may (or may not) of made.
  11. I know Bravo Bravo feels bad about never doing a real tour, but I never thought he'd make a sock puppet up to attack members of his unit who actually have deployed :)
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  12. Hahahahaha, he's got more than you!
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  13. He still did the tours, hence the medals. Did you, Shitlips?