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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by matchbox, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. so some thick-as-fcuk Staffie dug me up in a really formal manner for something stupid that I didn't even do - I was in civvies at the time and not signed on. Can I tell him he's an idiot? or is that against the rules??
  2. Against the rules of common sense certainly. Perhap you want him to **** you about ten ways 'til sunday when you rock up in uniform?
  3. Aye well, it was worth a try! Why do some ex-reg infanteers struggle to grasp the difference between the regular army and the TA?
  4. Staffies in the infantry?

    Anyway ...

    'Cause it's a fairly recent change for some of the TA. Admittedly, not at the "having to take orders from Staffies level".
  5. EX-infantry - now corp- another concept some of them find difficult - you can usually spot them a mile off. When I was in the infantry blah blah blah. Obviously descended into bitching, but my point actually was serious - this one army concept is spouted all the time and it simply doesn't work in practice. They try and use methods to manage people that can't possibly work for a group of people that haven't been institutionalised, and have other work priorities: work priorities that are often more pressing than shifting chairs around in the unit on a Tuesday night and calling the local jannie Sgt so he can get his monthly hard-on.
    There's so much opportunity to utilise civilian skills and create a TA of more use than the existing one, but cutting and pasting reg army methods can't work.
  6. So what's your actual beef then?
  7. Take up airsoft. It's very similar, but more dedicated.
  8. More commitment required
  9. You can say whatever you want to anyone in the TA/Permanent Staff (within reason, public order/smack in the mouth etc) if you have not signed on. Common sense however indicates that once you have signed on you may well be in for a very hard time.

    You may want to have a chat with your staffy, away from all those watching or listening and explain it was not you who did/said what he thought. Or are you not man enough for that?
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  10. Deal with it.
  11. One Army, and all that...
  12. Let me get this right.

    A terrier dog, and, in your opinion, not a very clever one, was sniffing around and found you buried. You were wearing some sort of civilian clothing at the time. The dog, dressed in a formal morning suit, borrowed a shovel and recovered you from the soil. The very fact you were buried was over something stupid, and not your fault.

    Sounds like you should be getting the 'bones' in for that Staffie, not berating it.

    Edited to add. Are you a mentalist?
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  13. Of what stupid, fictitious offence has Staff Sgt. Two Planks accused you so cruelly?

    Was it more stupid than failing to deny it, and forming a puddle before scuttling off to whimper about it on the internet?

    Stating-The-Bleeding-Obvious would have been a likely option for anyone who can manage to wipe his arse after having a shit, rather than before. Scenario as follows;

    2 Planks; 'Pte. Matchbox, why did you root my prize winning whippet, you ****?'

    You; 'Couldn't have been me Staff, my TA service has rendered me impotent.'

    2 Planks; 'OK then, must've been some other ****. As you were...and change your pants, lad.'

    See how different it could have been? Too late now.

    Are you a moron?
  14. When I was a Staffie, I'd had jailed the OP just for looking in my direction.

    Get yer hair cut.
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  15. Double post. Because the internet here is BLOODY IDLE!