Right to die

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Draft Dodger, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. i had a quick look at and couldnt see anything so here goes,

    the right to die issue was in the news again not so long ago and this time it got me seriously thinking about it. having seen the affects of dimentia and multiple strokes etc, hilarious though they are, there is no chance i'm going to let that happen to me, as soon as i cant remember my own phone number i'm hanging myself. i rather nip it in the bud than run the risk for 10-20 years of dribbling soup into my lap and pissing myself.

    my question is although a lot of people say things like "if i ever get like that shootmen/smother me with a pillow/claw hammer me to death" would you actually do it? and if this is genuinely how most people feel why is it so hard to pass something into law?
  2. Palliating symptoms when someone is at the end of life is totally different to ending life.
    What may seem awful to you now you may be able to cope with when you get to that stage.
  3. the case recently was where the family argued that the mother had repeatedly said she'd not want to live in the state she ended up in and would want to die, the judge basically said if it'd been in writing it might've made a difference. i'm thinking about putting something in writing next time i get a will sorted out.

    as for ending my own life if i start to feel the craze i'm with Gunter;

    Photographer and 'playboy' Gunter Sachs commits suicide | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 08.05.2011
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think the full phrase is "Right to die with dignity".

    Terry Pratchett was on BBC Breakfast today and he has very set views on this.

    I think that we should all have the right to die with dignity. If we are at the end of our time here on earth, why should that last period be allowed to be the most painful and miserable time of your life? If that is it and there is no chance of improvement then people should be allowed to make that decision.
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  5. thats what i mean Auld Yin, and i agree with TP. what scares me is that currently if you have an accident etc even if i put something in writing chances are i wouldnt get it through the courts which seems wrong. i just dont understand how although (in my experience) most people agree that you should be allowed to die with dignity the law does not reflect this.
  6. It always amazes me that the excuse to protect Human life means that keeping someone alive in a condition you would be prosecuted for if it was an animal is still bandied about by Doctors and those in the Health profession. Surely the right to choose to die should be as sacred as the choice of a right to life, especially if the resulting decision is to see that person in pain or in a position where the quality of life is such that it isn't life at all.
  7. What he said^
  8. this was all brought on by having this discussion with a few friends and the wife and everyone was agreeing with the dying with dignity prt but when i said that if i had dimentia and it was getting worse i'd top myself, first they thought i was joking, then they looked at me like i was mad.

    is it just that a lot of people arent comfortable with other people dying with dignity but okay with themselves making that decision?
  9. Do people in hospices die with dignity or not?
  10. I made that decision many years ago, primarily due to the nature of the job. I have instructed the wife in how to ensure that I die with dignity without her having to go through the trouble of a police investigation and court case.

    Doctors are very good at spouting the ' I don’t want to play god with human life' when this subject comes up, however every time they intervene whether to save or end life they are playing god!
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  11. some do, some dont. i'm not saying we take a Logans Run type approach all i'm saying is that if i was in a condition where my mental capacity was severely diminished or i was trsapped in a vegetative state i want to end my life, and if i am unable to do so myself i dont see why my family should be prosecuted for complying with my wishes.
  12. A resounding no.

    Having said that,I would hate to put my wife through the ordeal of having to kill me,in simple terms. Would I have the guts to top myself? I have no idea...
  13. i'm off to hang myself
  14. Sadly the old and sick aren´t allowed to die simply because there´s too much money to be made out of them,old peoples homes,hospitals and certainly drug companies rake in billions World Wide whilst you or your loved ones dribble and crap their pants.

    I personally knew a woman whose mother in law died about 6 years after she couldn´t even recognise her due to alzheimer´s,the attending `Doctor´revived her and she was then transfered to the OAP´s home of the doctor´s mate who kept her on fluids and a life support maschine.Luckily she died after about 2 months before the bills meant her heirs had to sell her house for the so-called treatment.Bizarrely the Health Insurance refused to pay the costs as she had `died´and said that here was the end of their responsibility,of course the family would have won on appeal but by that time all their money would have been gone anyway had she have lived for six months or longer.

    Frail and demented people aren´t sick ,they´re cash cows!