Right, thats it, I'm going mental with a shotgun!

Ch4 tonight.

Wife Swap. Now Im not normally the type to watch the current trend of reality crap on the box but this one has really pushed me over the edge. (No choice of viewing tonight as the Doris has stuffed the control up her clack).

Pig ugly munter from Big Brother (5hite!, pointless), Jade swops hubbies to live with Ingram (stupid, ex army criminal of who wants to be a millionaire infamy).

1. Obviously the TV companies have reached well below the barrel to promote two of the thickest people to have ever claimed to have human DNA.

2. TV companies are obviously more than happy to promote the idea that its OK to be a cheat, liar, criminal (and very stupid to have got caught!) and condone the moral implications.

3. Anyone have the address of any reality production companies? I'm off to do a Michael Doulglas style 'Falling Down' sketch with a large bag of semi auto tools.

Rant, fume, baarr, grind, frningjesus!$&***!!

Bring back 'Thats life' with that nice woman Esther Rantzen and hillarious shaped vegtables and cute animals that said things like 'sausages'.
I didn't see it, but from the sounds of it, sitting rocking on the sofa, hugging yourself, dribbling and staring at the wall would be a much better nights entertainment. 8O
Right Ho. No-one outside of the Army seemed to know, i'd been told he was AGC, Intelligence (not very likely!!) and that he was just in the TA.

Well this'll settle some arguments when i see everyone tomorrow morning!

What a clever crowd you mix with...... he was shown in the papers wearing service dress and No1 hat...... Cap badge in full view. Even if I didn't know before, like I say, no secret.
The Engineers are in the news again.... The Times of today has a short paragraph about an ex-sapper on trial for his part in the PIRA attempt to lob mortar bombs over the wire in Osnabruck.


Civilian_In_Green said:
----and that he was just in the TA.
Bit less of the "just" from you sonny please. TA soldiers have died in Iraq recently - we're not Dad's Army any more you know.

scaryspice said:
Bit less of the "just" from you sonny please ... we're not Dad's Army any more you know.
Sorry, I didn't mean "Just" in relation to myself or my friends but more regarding the regulars. Bearing in mind that I belong to neither i'll just shut-up and stop digging holes I can't get out of.
The TA are better than me so i suppose you're right, i'll not refer to the as "just/only" in any context.

My mistake..

Yes well it's best that all the ignorant-blundering foolishness work it's way out of my system now rather than later. (Yes, i know it sould have gone by now but i can't help it...besides, there are older fools than me!) :wink:

Although point taken, i do end-up saying it an awful lot, step one to combating this would be to not mess-up in the first place!

...easier said than done


(Shall try though..)


CIG - it's how we learn by making mistakes! at least you have the gall to apologise, may be hope for you yet!! :)

Always glad to see someone who knows when to stop digging - you just about did it in time!

we were all young once - even me..... :D


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