Right, Sir.. Trade you two Dukedom's for a Baronetcy

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Okay,, I was hoping that one day Her Majesty would stumble on the fact that I'm just incredible and bestow an obscure and abandoned title on me.. I kind of like " Margrave ".. but, it looks like my dream is all shot to sh*t as a bunch of wanking lawyers want the UK Government to drop the ' honours'.. This right??
    no more Knighthoods of the Garter to fading pop stars or Orders of the Bath to Tory backroom bagmen?.. no ancient Brit movie stars getting to be called Dame when their t*ts fall to their knees and they can only play bit parts on Coronation Street?

    Seems the Royal Honours List has been somewhat devalued and these reformists want to eliminate it rather than tighten up the controls...There will be a New Order of British Excellence says they..[ is that the same as the New World Order everyone is talking about ? ]

    guess the ignorant will chop another grand tradition from society and once more meddle with history..

    Will this be an election issue? or is this a ploy by the Office of Misdirection to steer people away from important issues being finagled behind closed doors..?

    Call me a curious colonial boy...
  2. And how much is it costing us in research, media and house-of-parliament time to water down these awards to some uncared-for politically correct schoolboy stick-on-star system? "Excellence"! oh wow...

    Grrr. There are so many important things to do and instead they're farting about with something that has always been worn with pride; fek it, it's not as if anyone really thinks of it as an 'Empire' medal.

  3. Scrapping "Empire" from OBE, MBE. Guess they're not proud of our little islands that we've got left.
  4. Maybe the "Mother Country" should catch up with us. We scrapped the OBE, MBE and Knighthood a few years ago. We now have a very special Kiwi system, it's all based on the Order of Merit, you can be a member, a companion or a range of other levels. No one really knows what it all means and none of them get called Sir. There were plenty of well hugged trees after they did this.

    If your a chick in the military and have been overseas then you're a certain to get one.

    Next the lefty dope smokers want to take the Union Jack off the national flag.....over my dead body!!
  5. I don't think we've got "Margrave". Sounds German.
  6. Grubby:

    Got the same thing in Canada.. various ' degrees' of the Order of Canada...member/companion/officer...each year some government committee takes nominations and hands out gongs to ' artists' and entrpereneurs and big donors to government political operations...some worthy people among the list the rest just ' influence peddlars '...no one gives a sh*t or pays any attention...just not the same as a Knighthood from the Queen...
    maybe its because it has no ' history ' to it.. no visions of men in armour and damsels in towers and all that fairy tale crap...

    still get to wear a neato medal and lord it over others for a bit, even if you can't call yourself Sir...oh, and you get to put O.C. after your name just to confuse the hoi polloi...

    Can't see why the UK government with all its traditions and history would want to eliminate ages old honours to toss out some meaningless tripe...its not like anyone deserving is going to get them.. the same or virtually the same criteria will be used simply because the same ' special interests ' will have to be served..

    rewarding the ass kissers and the momentary famous will always be the reason for it anyway..whatever its called.
  7. From a left wing point of view (I imagine) the surest way to eliminate the upper class, specifically the aristocracy, is to legislate them out of existence. Think on it; it has been many a long year since an hereditary peerage has been created, which is the only effective way of keeping the aristocracy going in the long term. Life peerages count for little, as every Tom, Dick, and Harry can theoretically get one, and they die with the title holder. It wasn't for nothing that the present government got rid of the majority of the hereditary lords during their 'reform' of the upper house and replaced them with parvenus - 'Sure, they're only toffs anyway' being the attitude. Class envy is at the root of a lot of this guff about 'reform' and the 'need to modernise', but each time something like this happens - regimental disbandments, hereditaries given their marching orders, attacks on hunting, the Royal Tournament being done away with, the honours system....the UK loses a piece of it's identity. Even the Lord Chancellorship is for the chop, and that is older than the monarchy. Why? Because leftist parties hate tradition and anything that they view as 'the establishment'. They foam at the mouth and are rendered incoherent by rage and jealousy when they look at what are left of British traditions. All it takes is some old amiable buffer of an herediatary lord, preferably with an eye patch, or a British officer being interviewed on television, drawling away laconically as the bullets whizz by....and your lefty class warrior starts screaming about the need to 'reform' and 'modernise'.

    This sort of thing was tried by the Communists in 1917 and by Hitler (who loathed the German nobility, as he knew they thought of him as a thug), only at a faster pace. The honours system and the British aristocracy have survived for this long because they work. I don't view the terms 'privilege' and 'elitism' with distaste. Once these things are done away with, there is no bringing them back.

    Note: A 'Margrave' is roughly the equivalent of a Marquess.
  8. Same thing in Australia, called the Order of Australia. Most of them look like something from a childs dressing up box and have little or no meaning to the majority.

    Fact - although the government changed the names of the honours, same tw@ts still line up for them and the undeserving still get them.

    This is just another attack on British traditions by MPs with nothing better to do and an agenda based on hatred and discrimination.

    W*ankers, all we want 'em to do is make the trains run on time and let the pubs stay open after bedtime
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Comrage Blur and his Godless Communist Horde seem to have a passionate hatred of everything which binds people together, 'You cannot subjugate a people with a history.'

    At the same time as the largest and oldest military tattoo was binned, the Royal Naval Gun Race was also tubed. The message from on high read that "enough respect has been paid to those that died." So now we have a prescedence - how long until Armistice Day gets the boot ?

    Interestingly in the same year the Glorious Leader opened the Eternal Museum of the Holocaust. Maybe this indicates that it is now politically correct to remember people who went sheep-like to their death at the hands of lunatics, but wrong to pay respect to those who fought against tyranny.

  10. That's the whole idea, the UK losing a piece of its identity. That's the idea behind the specific things you mentioned and others as well.

    They are pursuing the same objective in the USA.

    The older I get, the more clear to me it is that George Orwell was a prophet.

    You are in "Airstrip One," a place that used to be known as "Great Britain."

    We are all in "Oceania."
  11. From a left wing point of view, one must get rid of everything 'traditional' and of value from all levels the system you want to replace.
    Otherwise, you will have a short existence
  12. i don't think that any civillian should get any medal, unless they have done something brave, like saving lifes or something, giving a medal to some famous person just because they made a few records or have been on the telly isn't what medals are for, these people have been rewarded enough with money and fame, medals should be for the brave
  13. ...what about medals for the good?
  14. What about medals for the good? Isn't being good reward enough? :roll: