Right, pay attention at the back !


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If any of this sounds familiar - put your hand up !

Dear All,

I think we need to hit the ground running, keep our eye on the ball, and make sure that we are singing off the same song sheet. At the end of the day it is not a level playing field and the goal posts may move; if they do, someone else may have to pick it up and run with it. We therefore must have a golf bag of options hot-to-trot from the word 'go'. It is your train set but we cannot afford to leave it on the back burner; we've got a lot of irons in the fire, right now.

We will need to un-stick a few potential poo traps but it all depends on the flash-to-bang time and fudge factor allowed. Things may end up slipping to the left and, if they do, we will need to run a tight ship. I don't want to re-invent the wheel but we must get right into the weeds on this one. If push comes to shove, we may have to up stumps and then we'll be in a whole new ball game.

I suggest we test the water with a few warmers in the bank. If we can produce the goods then we are cooking with gas. If not, then we are in a world of hurt. I don't want to die in a ditch over it but we could easily end up in a flat spin if people start getting twitchy. To that end, I want to get round the bazaars and make sure the movers and the shakers are on-side from day one. If you can hit me with your shopping list I can take it to the head honchos and start the ball rolling.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and I think we have backed a winner here. If it gets blown out the water, however, I will be throwing a track. So get your feet into my in-tray and give me chapter and verse as to how you see things panning out. As long as our ducks are in a row I think the ball will stay in play and we can come up smelling of roses.

Before you bomb burst and throw smoke, it is imperative we nail our colours very firmly on the mast and look at the big picture. We've got to march to the beat of the drum. We are on a sticky wicket. we'll need to play with a straight bat and watch out for fast balls.

I've been on permanent send for long enough and I've had my ten pence worth. I don't want to rock the boat or teach anyone to suck eggs. We must keep this firmly in our sight picture or it will fall between the cracks. If the cap fits, wear it, but it may seem like pushing fog up a hill with a sharp stick.

----------------------------------- :) --------------------------------

Bonne weekend !

Le Chevre
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Bollax you attended my presentation, and I thought my secretary had written it well :oops: :oops: :oops:
Are you my line manager in disguise 8O
I hate cliche-spouting wa**ers like that. My standard reaction, is to listen, stoney-faced, to their spiel, then laugh at them in a condescending manner and walk away shaking my head. They rarely bother me again!



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Agent_Smith said:
Are you my line manager in disguise 8O
depends...are you below 1* ?

Have to say, that Agent , having posted this pitiful attempt to amuse I opened your thread << Some eye Candy for the weekend ?>>......

Ready boys? All together now...

" We Are Not Worthy "
" We Are Not Worthy "
" We Are Not Worthy "
" We Are Not Worthy "
" We Are Not Worthy "

Have a good 'un :wink:
fas_et_gloria said:
This'll be number five then...
A good dit is always worth respinning! :lol:


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whiffler said:
Oyez oyez oyez.

I have a canine companion. Alas he is proboscisly challenged !.

Er...AWFUL !

Now then, punchline

'Really? What's his other leg called ? '

over to you Mister Whiffy !

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