Right!! own up....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, May 13, 2005.

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  1. The other day I was talking to a family friend, a chap of a somewhat fey and effete disposition.
    He told me that back in his sudent days in the early eighties, he would don his Goth No. 1s before a night out in the Aldershot area. This rig would typically consist of the following:

    1. Shock of Blue-black dyed hair, with a swatch of it covering his left eye.
    2. Mascara.
    3. Chain twixt nose and ear.
    4. Black lipstick.
    5. Skull earing.
    6. Spiky collar.
    7. East German Army jacket, CND crowfoot on the back, Soviet medals on the front.
    8. Bauhaus tour T-shirt.
    9. Cartridge belt.
    10. Black drain pipe jeans
    11. Combat boots, negative laces.

    Unfortunately, he also suffered from severe acne, a condition which this look seemed to highlight.
    Regrettably, he had a tendency to end up in Pubs frequented by young men with severe hair cuts, and with flying horses tatooed on their arms, who had a fondness for dessy wellies and maroon T-shirts.
    I was saddened and disappointed to hear that he was cruelly used by serving members of HM Forces, who just didn't even attempt to understand the existential angst suffered by a sensitive young fellow studying Art in Thatcher's Britain.

    All I want is some names. I don't care how you get them, but I want the offenders outside my office o six sparrow-f*ck tomorrow, ready for a frank and robust chat, negative tea and stickys. :evil:
  2. Thank f*ck it wasn't me. I would NOT want to feel your wrath.......
  3. Yeah right.... :wink:
  4. You are a bit too young, Sluggo, I was actually thinking of people of CC's vintage.
  5. Lets see, a serviceman in the Aldershot area during the early eighties. That'll narrow it down....

  6. All I want is people who remember putting the boot into a curled up, spotty goth, circa 1982, who are man enough to own up to it..
  7. It wasnt me, to quote "Shaggy"
    Although I do remember an incident in 1974 where a certain member of our school was thrown from a bridge into the Grand Union canal. Followed by his 4 brothers. Quite a splash :lol: That wasnt me either :wink: Believed now to be running a curry house, somewhere near Aunty Stella!!

    Get im Bernie........ 8)
  8. To be fair he was probably mistaken for being a Trog or a Fat Splasher
  9. 1982, I'm amazed he's still alive :roll: usually they would fecking kill you.....they must have felt sorry for him :wink:
  10. That'll narrow it down even further....

    Beebs :?
  11. I am waiting.... will the boys who bent the scrofulous Goth over the pool-table and Power-dogged him, please step forward, or the whole class stays behind. :roll:
  12. FFS Bern, could've been half of 5th Airborne!
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Strange thread about something which happened to a 'friend'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of information drip fed into the various posts by a certain BernieOOOOOOhly.

    I think it is more a case of you 'fessing up or is it your are really looking for your first love? 8O
  14. Power-dogged? Is that a naval term?

    Art students are never too bright anyway.
  15. No, this is gen dit no sh*t. :lol:
    I had to put up with an hour's lecture on the evils of early-eighties Squaddies from this character, while nodding sympathetically and suppressing the urge to p*ss myself laughing.